Getting Rusty: Iron Mountain Closing Indianapolis Facility

by | Jul 27, 2020

On July 1, a report from Inside Indiana Business noted that Iron Mountainthe global, publicly held document storage and information management companyhas decided to close its Indianapolis facility. According to the report, the company said “circumstances” were forcing the closure, which will put 70 employees out of their jobs. Operations will begin winding down on Aug. 28 and wrap up by Sept. 25. 

Here’s the notice Iron Mountain gave to the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. 

This can’t be good news for companies storing boxes with Iron Mountain in Indianapolis…nor those affected employees, but I’m not surprised. For years, I’ve heard less-than-stellar reports about our largest competitor in the RMS box storage space, so after hearing this latest news, I decided to do a little internet sleuthing to see if things had changed at all with the company. Needless to say, I was floored by what I found…

Iron Mountain: Numerous One-Star Reviews on Yelp 

I admit—reviewers on are kind of notorious for being…well, I don’t know, a little snooty or snobby. In a harmless sort of way. A nice big bite of pretentious served up tart and sour for your reading pleasure. Say what you want about them…it’s probably true. But I still find myself reading their uppity reports when I’m thinking about trying a new restaurant, researching a new dentist, or finding a vet for my dog Zeus.

Now, all that said, you really do have to consistently mess up quite badly to garner an AVERAGE rating of ONE star out of five possible stars across 44 total reviews. And that’s just one Yelp page for one Iron Mountain location on Flanders Drive in San Diego, Calif.—one of over 1,500-plus such facilities run by the company.  

Here are a few snippets from this Yelp page: 

Are the people that work here daft? Our business received a call today from their customer support line informing us that they sent two trucks to pick up boxes for shredding. We did not have an appointment with them! Our GM asked for an appointment for pick-up the beginning of this month and when they were unavailable for our preferred date, the appointment was cancelled. Cancelling an appointment does not mean we want your company to take it upon themselves to make a new one and then not even notify us that you rescheduled a CANCELLED appointment.” 

-Janet L. 

Oakland, CA 

“We have had records stored with this group for a number of years. Essentially we stored a lot of files that we gradually removed and digitalised over about 4 years. We noticed we were still being charged for all these boxes only to find that unless we told them on their notification document (which they have never supplied even when requested) we still paid for storage we were not using. Typically it takes about a week to get documents but our last documents took 2 mths despite repeated calls. They then had the gall to charge 2 months extra rent on top of the 2 months compulsory rent they charge for finalising plus a finalising fee. Multiple calls to “account managers” who never returned calls or followed up on what they promised, followed by multiple incorrect bills which had already been paid. It took over 6 months to sort this out and hours of wasted time.” 

-Jeff H. 

San Francisco, Calif. 

“Absolute Joke. They’ve been saying I’ve received services every month when nobody shows up. Billing errors after billing errors. Called to cancel June 4th, its July 10th no return call my services are still not canceled. I received an email yesterday saying I “received services” to which NOBODY CAME!! COMPLETE SCAM WATCH OUT” 

-Michael F.  

Phoenix, Ariz. 

“I have been dealing with Iron Mountain for almost 20 years but you would not know that from the lack of respect and professionalism I receive from them. Simply trying to get a quote to terminate my business with them has taken 6 months due to lack of response on their part. Aside from their abysmal work ethic, Iron Mountain’s business is a thing of the past which results in over charging for every expense and making it very unrealistic to want to continue to do business with them.   Iron Mountain was unresponsive, caused numerous delays and continues to charge my account.  It is extremely difficult to communicate with Iron Mountain as they do not assign a representative to your account.  Furthermore, they provide little to no customer service to small accounts and treat them as if they are a nuisance.” 

-Lucy D. 

San Francisco, Calif. 

Plenty More Iron Mountain Hate to Go Around

Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 12.20.53 PMInterestingly, the reviews for this Iron Mountain location are from all over the country—perhaps because it’s the only customer review page that comes up on the first page of Google when you search: “Iron Mountain Customer Review.”  

However, it occurred to me that Iron Mountain, with its vast resources, might be trying its best to scrub the internet of poor reviews, and that got me even more curious. Could I find more with a little more sleuthing? The answer was yes:

Furthermore, I found Iron Mountain’s Better Business Bureau page with another 43 complaints that largely echo the Yelp reviews…along with 90 more poor reviews on 

Overall, some of the earliest bad reviews date back to around 2010 to 2012, but the vast majority are from the last five years. 

In addition, Iron Mountain’s stock price seems to be tracking the rise in customer service complaints over the last five years. I can’t imagine that’s a coincidence. Considering the volume and consistency of bad reviews across customers’ geographical boundaries, I can’t believe these are isolated slip-ups. That’s unfortunate for affected customers…and for the once-proud Iron Mountain. But just like people, companies can change—that’s just a reality of life.

It’s kind of sad, really. Iron Mountain began in 1951 focused on preserving vital information from wars and other disasters. Its founder, Herman Knaust, sponsored the relocation of many Jewish immigrants, who’d had all their personal records destroyed during World War II.  

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