Case Study: Lockton

Secure storage. Streamlined record retrieval.

Since 1966, Lockton has grown from a one-person operation to the world’s largest privately held insurance brokerage firm, providing insurance, risk management and employee benefits solutions.

The Challenge

Lockton was in the process of implementing a new content management system and used that implementation as an opportunity to look at their document-centric processes. As part of that review, they looked at how they were storing their hard copy documents.

In examining the process they found:

  • They weren’t sure what they had, or that they could get what they needed.
  • Retrieval took two to three days at best and the process was both time-consuming and expensive.
  • With more than 93 million pages in storage, it didn’t make sense to scan it all.

The Solution

IOS examined the current storage volumes, growth, retrievals, and retention needs and found that even with the cost moving the 31,000+ boxes from their current vendor to IOS, Lockton would save money just with storage and retrieval costs alone. In addition to that cost savings, Lockton would have quicker access to their files and streamlined record retrieval, as well as an easy-to-use system that would tell them what they had and how long they needed to keep it.

As part of the transition, IOS picked up their boxes from their main storage vendor and from various offices around the country and took them to one of IOS’s secure storage facilities. Each box was inventoried into IOS’s records management system, MyIOS, with all of the details needed for easy retrieval and retention management. Lockton’s records management group was trained on using the web based MyIOS to search their records, request files, and view reports on activity.

When they make a request, a workflow process sends them an email confirmation and IOS’s records management staff retrieves the files. Instead of sending boxes to Lockton taking days, the documents are scanned and the user gets an email that their documents are ready to view, right from their desktop, tablet or mobile device; all in a matter of hours.

Shirley McMillan, Lockton’s Manager of Administrative Services said “This was a no-brainer. It was such an easy process for our users that they all adopted the new process workflow very quickly and they love it. In less than a month, we were up and running.”

The Bottom Line

  • With the new process and the MyIOS portal, Lockton is confident that all of their files are accounted for and secure.
  • Retrievals that used to take days are done in hours.
  • Requested documents are available for secure, streamlined retrieval from the user’s desktop, tablet, or mobile device.
  • Lockton immediately saw a 25% reduction in the time their staff spent on files which was a huge cost savings for them.

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