Scalable document management services.

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Beacon Credit Union (BCU) was established in June 1931 as Wabash County Farm Bureau Credit Union.  In May of 2002, the name was changed to Beacon in hopes they would be a beacon of financial stability to their membership and the communities they serve.  

  • Assets of approximately $900,000,000
  • 21 locations throughout Indiana 
  • Serving over 40,000 members


When Beacon was originally looking for an ECM solution, they called IOS since there had been a long standing hardware relationship between the companies.  After going through an investigation process, BCU selected another company that was “certified” to work with their internal core systems.  

With the preface of, “As long as you don’t say we told you so…,” Beacon came back to IOS a few years later and asked for advice since the product they selected wasn’t working in their environment.  BCU trusted IOS and felt strongly that they had the knowledge and experience needed to provide a more flexible, effective solution.

  • Needed to be rolled out to a large number of branches and remotely connect from each
  • Sought the ability to capture a receipt electronically 
  • Must be able to encompass a variety of systems as mergers were made
  • Previous reports were pulled from different systems in different ways, the new system needed to create reports the users were comfortable with and that could be easily referenced and digitally searched.

Why did Beacon Credit Union choose IOS?

“I saw how the other vendor’s system worked and quickly realized how much I liked the system IOS offers. They are able to modify the system as needed quickly and efficiently. We will be rolling their program out to four more branches later this year and have plans to create a similar system for our loans department.”

David J. Prows
Network Administrator


Beacon had already gone through most of the initial implementation of an ECM in their environment, thus much of their content already resided inside an electronic repository.  There was concern that it would be difficult to convert the massive amounts of data and images into a new ECM repository.  BCU was pleasantly surprised with how painless IOS made the conversion process, as well as how readily adopted the new look and feel was by the end-users.  Because BCU end-users were familiar with an ECM environment, their expectations were high – and IOS came through with shining colors.

The staff was ecstatic that the new software was much easier to use.  The system was also far more robust with its custom receipt capture program, allowing them to display the receipt on a signature pad for member review and signature. This program started saving time and money immediately.

As Beacon continues to merge with other financial institutions, IOS continues to step up to the plate making necessary modifications quickly and seamlessly so that operations aren’t negatively affected. 

  • Teller receipt capture: captures image of receipt with the digital signature.
  • Custom modifications as new mergers occur. 
  • Used by approximately 30 people - a combination of Tellers, MSRs, Loan Staff, and Contact Center Staff.  
  • Created for tellers but versatile enough to implement it in other areas, as well.

The Bottom Line

  • Saved time as scanning receipts and other documents is no longer required
  • Saved money from paper purchases and printing costs