Transforming customer service....digitally

Da-Lite Screen Company has been making projection instruments and screens for over 100 years. They made their mark with overhead projectors and now cover a wide span of projectors, AV furniture and screens. With sister companies all over the world, they are truly a leading international supplier of projectors, projector mounts and projection screens.

  • Recently merged with Milestone AV Technologies.
  • Headquartered in Warsaw, IN.


Da-Lite’s products have certainly changed over time, but one thing remained the same: a very time-intensive, manual sales process. Everything was being done on paper and filed in paper files. As business grew, it was becoming more and more difficult to serve customers in a timely fashion. Instead of spending time with clients, sales staff found themselves taking time to physically hunt through paper files. They were in a constant mode of responding to issues because they didn’t have time to be proactive. And they were spending at least an hour filing paper orders every single day.

The sales department was ready to make a change. They wanted to spend less time pushing paper and more time serving customer needs. Could going paperless for order entries give them time back? They needed a system that could:

  • Process 600-700 daily orders
  • Quickly enter orders and keep them organized so they could be easily recalled when needed
  • Handle a wide variety of document types;
  • And a team that could educate their staff and help overcome a paper and pencil culture.

Why did Da-Lite choose Imaging Office Systems?

"We are more than just a number to Imaging Office Systems. They took time from the very beginning to truly understand our system and consider all the implications of our process. They met all their deadlines and even now that the system is in place, they are still involved and genuinely want to help us make this a success. Imaging Office Systems doesn’t just have the right product, they have the people that make that product work."

Collin Boggs
Internal Sales Manager


Imaging Office Systems had originally approached Da-Lite years ago with a traditional AP application, but the timing was never quite right. Once Da-Lite’s Sales team determined their internal issues, they realized that Imaging Office Systems was the right solution at exactly the right time. Imaging Office Systems installed data management and capture tools that made an instant impact in the sales order entry process. The system moved Da-Lite closer to becoming a paperless workplace, and:

  • Converts incoming orders of any type (fax, email, paper) to digital files.
  • Eliminates need for paper files – and the time spent filling and searching for orders.
  • Reduced overhead for sales and order entry departments.
  • Improved customer service. Now the Da-Lite sales team has customer history, orders and other information at their fingertips.

The installation has been so successful that Da-Lite is looking to expand the Imaging Office Systems services into Purchasing and Accounts Payable creating an enterprise-level solution.

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