Enhancing medical record retrieval.

Medical Office

Medical office with approximately 50 employees, located in Lafayette, Indiana serving patients of all ages.


Storage, retrieval and disposal of medical records is a constant challenge for medical offices. This office was physically relocating from a building that had basement storage to a building with no excess storage space. They were going to rent space to store their records which would have been time-consuming for file access and expensive with monthly fees.

IOS went up against other medical record management companies in the area. Many of the others had various extra fees for project solutions and record pick up. IOS had no hidden fees, and they were able to work within a fairly tight timeline to make sure the medical office didn’t have to pay for storage rental space.


IOS provided a climate-controlled, secure storage facility and indexed all records for easy recovery. They are also hands-on when needed. It is common for medical records to be misfiled – family members' files stored together, for example. IOS has the knowledge and experience to understand the most common filing idiosyncrasies. They take an inherent challenge and apply creative thinking to find the documents, without bothering the client for additional information. It’s the difference between quickly locating a document vs. hunting through box after box of files.

  • Scan-on-demand is a huge convenience with the quick turnaround the office needs. IOS has exceeded expectations in their follow through.
  • Medical staff can request an entire file or even specific pages from a file – a cost and time saving measure.
  • Later merged with another medical office with records that required twice the storage and IOS was able to handle it seamlessly.

The Bottom Line

The medical records storage and retrieval service made a financial impact immediately by saving the office from paying rent for an offsite storage facility. Cost savings are found in staffing as well. The medical office estimates that they would also need at least half a person’s job dedicated to searching and pulling files.

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