The Power of Cloud. Built Around You.

Imaging Office Cloud Services is a customized ecosystem of cloud technology, business apps, and hardware solutions that help organizations become more agile, efficient, and flexible, so they can more effectively bring to life the ideas that power their businesses. 

Imaging Office Cloud Services equips organizations with cloud-based business process automation, information management, and productivity support that empowers them to reclaim time spent on menial tasks, facilitate collaboration among team members, and maximize availability and utilization of data.

Imaging Office Cloud Services features the following application components:

Director: A full-featured workflow management solution that manages documents, data, and workflow between Imaging Office Cloud Services apps and other platforms and applications.

Capture: Harvests data from any digital or analog source and stages it to be delivered to an IOCS application or another platform of your choice.

Forms: Formats and organizes captured data to be ingested by the Imaging Office Cloud Services platform.

Archive: Lets you add or remove documents, modify indexes, and manage departmental scanning work.

Drive: Provides secure access and storage to data moving between Imaging Office Cloud Services and other platforms.

Servers: Provides dedicated resources to run commercial or custom applications and services.


Benefits of Imaging Office Cloud Services: 

Work From Anywhere
Eliminate the tether. Not being in the office no longer means limited productivity.

Deliver a Digital Customer Experience
Create digital customer journeys, increase responsiveness to customer desires, and build trust that matters in the digital era.

Enhanced Data-Based Insights
Migrate paper-based data to digital and consolidate with existing data to build stronger insights, strategies, and processes that increase success and ROI.

Encourage Collaboration
Bridge age and cultural gaps, build a sense of community, break down departmental siloes, and work better together.

Amplify Innovation
Deliver new products and services to customers who want it faster and better than before.

Integrate Automation & Machine Learning 
An AI takes no breaks and requires little hand-holding, which means you get more done in less time.

Digitally Empower Your Workforce
Upgrade the knowledge and abilities of your workers to compete in an increasingly digital world.