Live Locally. Work Globally.

Imaging Office Cloud Services designs and delivers customized implementations of cloud-based business process automation, information management, and productivity support that empower organizations to reclaim time spent on menial tasks, facilitate collaboration among team members, and maximize availability and utilization of data. Our subscription-based model offers a high degree of simplicity, flexibility, and fast implementation.

Forms: Cloud-based forms for data collection and processing.

Capture: Ingest and process data from any digital or analog source and deliver it to the application or platform of your choice.

Migrate: Securely move captured data between Cloud Services and other platforms or applications.

Drive: Secure access and storage of data moving between Cloud Services and other platforms and applications.

Desktop: Work and collaborate in real time with your remote team on a “virtual desktop.”

Docs: Quickly add or remove documents, modify indexes, and manage scanning and indexing of documents.

Director: Full-featured document, data, and workflow management solution that manages data flows between Cloud Services and other platforms and applications.

Servers: Secure 24/7 access and cloud storage for your files.

Benefits of Imaging Office Cloud Services: 

• Maximize opportunities for business process automation 

• Reclaim time spent on menial information management and business tasks 

• Improve collaboration among remote and in-office team members

• Reduce paper used by your organization  

• Maximize availability and utilization of all data 

• Work securely from different locations