Ben Risinger

Ben Risinger


Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Started: 2019
Indianapolis, IN
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Title: Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Imaging Office Systems location: Columbia City/Indianapolis, IN – telecommutes via Grand Rapids, MI

Explain your job in two sentences: I help Imaging Office Systems be known to the world in the easiest and most effective ways possible. We harness the power our people and experience to get the job done. 

College (Year graduated): B.A. Anderson University (2001), M.A. Indiana University (2013)

Certifications: Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Hootsuite Professor Certification, CPR Certified

Years at Imaging Office Systems: Working on 1

Most intriguing Imaging Office Systems moment/client/system: So far meeting my new work family…everyone has been very inviting and welcoming, which has made my transition easier. 

Hobbies: Collecting Green Lantern comics and toys, Swimming, Playing with my dogs

Family (partner/children/animals): Wife Kelly. Two dogs (Nala and Stella), One cat (Betty)

Favorite Food: Lasagna – My mom’s

Favorite Vacation Spot: Disney World, Central Florida. 

What would you do with $1 million: Pay off debt. Buy a new house, take care of our parents and family.