Brian Kopack

Brian Kopack



Started: 2006
Columbia City, IN
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Name: Brian Kopack

Title: President

Imaging Office Systems location: Columbia City HQ 

Explain your job in two sentences: I help create opportunities for Imaging Office Systems to leverage the talents of its employees to improve the way businesses operate.  I help provide an environment of continuous improvement for Imaging Office Systems' employees to develop their talents.

College (Year graduated): Butler University (1993)

Certifications: CPA

Years at Imaging Office Systems: 15

Most intriguing Imaging Office Systems moment/client/system:  Helping to establish the Imaging Office Systems, Inc. Employee Stock Option Plan.

Hobbies: Running

Family (partner/children/animals): Wife Amy. Kids: Caroline (19), Catherine (16), Hank (13), Mary Claire (11) Two dogs (Champ and Bo)

Favorite Food: Pizza (Lou Malnati’s, Chicago)

Favorite Vacation Spot: Lake Michigan

What would you do with $1 million: Charter a South Pacific cruise with REM as the band in residence.