Gene Christian

Gene Christian

316.448.3342 (phone)
316.684.3866 (fax)

Sr. Enterprise Content Management Developer

Started: 2004
Wichita, KS

Title: Senior Developer

Imaging Office Systems location: Wichita

Explain your job in two sentences: I write custom software that extends or integrates with the document management systems that we sell.  My specialty is web interface development, but I do many different types of projects.

Certifications: CDIA+

Years at Imaging Office Systems: 16

Most intriguing Imaging Office Systems moment/client/system: The extensive custom workflow solutions we developed for Cook.

Hobbies: Cooking and music (listening not creating)

Family (partner/children/animals): Wife, 3 adult children, 2 dogs

Favorite Food:  Depends on the day, but I like Korean food, Mediterranean food, and steak grilled over charcoal.

Favorite Vacation Spot:  Many, mostly in the southwest or southern California

What would you do with $1 million: Nothing really exciting: pay off debt, do a bit of house remodeling, take a trip to Europe, save the rest.