Jeff White

Jeff White

Software Engineer

Started: 2006
Indianapolis, IN

Title: Software Engineer

Imaging Office Systems location: Indianapolis, IN

Explain your job in two sentences: Install, configure software and design workflows in Psigen, Filebound, Onbase, etc. 

Certifications: Onbase installer and workflow certification. Filebound installer and workflow certification.

Years at Imaging Office Systems: Working on 13

Most intriguing Imaging Office Systems moment/client/system: I really enjoy the new puzzle that each system/client represents. 

Hobbies: Woodworking, pen turning and living the Jeep life. 

Family (partner/children/animals): Wife Tami. Kids Samantha, Jacob, Channing and Megan. Dog Maggie. 

Favorite Food: A really well-seasoned Cheeseburger cooked on the grill

Favorite Vacation Spot: Hilton Head and Arizona.

What would you do with $1 million: Travel the country spending a week or so in each state.