It’s all about the information.

We understand it’s the ideas and people that make the difference. We’ve been working with companies for over 40 years helping them convert documents, manage information, and develop better processes.

Our experience has taught us the importance of listening. We listen to you describe your business, your existing processes and where you want to go. Then we’ll show you how to get there. Our business isn’t just document conversion, content management or records storage – it’s information management.

The better you are at managing your information, the more confidently you’ll be able to move your business into the future. IOS helps you with information management so you can save time, improve efficiency, reduce risk.

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It’s all about the people.

IOS systems are currently serving Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, major universities, hospitals, manufacturing companies, and a diverse cross-section of businesses around the world. Those systems were built by a team of clever, responsive people working in offices in Indianapolis, Columbia City, Chicago, Wichita, and Kansas City proving our great ideas travel well.

Our depth of experience, our agility, our flexibility - all come from our fantastic team and are on display in everything we do.

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