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Providing the Information and Workflow Management Tools Companies Need to Compete, since 1972

Imaging Office Systems, Inc. (an employee-owned company) has always been in the business of helping organizations solve their most critical information management and business process challenges.


Creativity, problem-solving, collaboration, and coming up with new ideas and approaches for ever-changing business environments—these are the contributions that today’s companies need from their employees. And that requires a very different type of technology support than when we got our start nearly 50 years ago. Back then, workflows and data were manageable with paper, microfiche, and analog processes.

Now, we do it with customized cloud-based storage, workflow automation, and intelligent document management solutions. We can also set you up to capture information from any digital or analog source and automatically route it where it needs to go. Want to go paperless? It’s now more possible than ever! Meanwhile, we’ll store papers you’re required to keep in one of our secure document storage facilities, which feature on-demand digital document retrieval.

Put it all together, and Imaging Office Systems offers the complete solution for information management and digital transformation. Our team will help you become more efficient, flexible, and ready to rapidly execute on business ideas, whether your team is in the office or working remotely.

Allen County

Allen County, Indiana needed to reduce the inefficiencies and time required to receive, route, process, and file paper forms. We built a solution that electronically stored, organized, and managed virtually every kind of content the county needed to manage, which helped greatly improve their services to the public.

Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel’s freight payment process was riddled by ongoing data entry, account coding, and payment errors, and they needed a solution to bring the business process in-house. We developed a customized workflow, which included required auditing and reporting tools, which saved them time, reduced errors, and moved them closer to becoming totally paperless.

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