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Customized Cloud Solutions for Your Critical Information Management Challenges

True “digital transformation” is about enabling your people to work better together from anywhere in the world. It’s about liberating them to focus on the important challenges of the day. It’s about empowering them with data to fuel their solutions and innovations. At least, that’s the approach with Imaging Office Cloud Services.

Cloud computing is like the gasoline of digital transformation—it’s what everything runs on. And by “everything,” we mean an ever-increasing list of cloud-based business processes and information management systems that are revolutionizing how organizations operate by making everything easier, smarter, and more efficient.

We’ll do it with a customized ecosystem of cloud technologies, business apps, and hardware solutions…and then merge it all with your data, so you can make the best business decisions possible, using the best, most comprehensive data sets available to you. 

To determine the most appropriate cloud integrations for your needs, we’ll employ a human-centered design process focused on first discovering the information management and business process challenges that are holding you back and then putting together the optimal solution set to solve those challenges. Between our toolbox of homegrown cloud technologies—and those from our trusted partners—we offer an enormous breadth of potential capabilities.

Imaging Office Cloud Services is 100 percent agnostic on operating systems, application environments, and even existing public or private cloud integrations. We can connect and deliver it all…so you can run your business from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. 

In fact, Imaging Office Cloud Services can synchronize and integrate different elements of your IT infrastructure, no matter where it came from…which makes for a compelling reason to work with us! Very few companies in the world can offer this level of personalization. 

Imaging Office Cloud Services offers additional document capture, automation, workflow, and management capabilities through integrations with PSIgen software…and enhanced content and process management capabilities with Hyland software. We also offer integrations with many other software platforms.

Why Choose Imaging Office Cloud Services?

  • Reduce the time, cost, and complexity of managing documents throughout their lifecycle.
  • Amplify innovation and deliver new products and services to customers who want it faster and better than before.
  • Digitally capture all types of documents coming into your organization.
  • Reduce or eliminate physical paperwork circulating around the office
  • Employ customized data security protocols to ensure compliance and appropriate levels of access and protection throughout your organization.
  • Consolidate datasets to build stronger insights, strategies, and processes that increase success and ROI.
  • Automatically route documents to the right people at the right time.
  • Deliver digital experiences that enhance relationships with customers and builds trust that matters in the digital era.

Featured Case Studies

GE Aviation

GE Aviation needed to give its customers unlimited 24/7 access to aircraft engine service records from anywhere in the world. We built a solution that did it without any additional investments in capture software, hardware, or hiring, training, and managing any new full-time employees.

Enterprise Title

Enterprise Title needed a solution to eliminate manual data entry errors that were causing costly cataloging inaccuracies. We deployed our own proprietary capture software, which allowed them to automacitcally capture document metadata and eliminate the need for manual data entry.

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