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From cloud-based workflow management to storage, virtual desktops, and real-time collaboration tools, Imaging Office Systems can build the remote work solution your company needs to keep your business moving from anywhere with ease.

Brick-and-mortar offices only came into existence during the early 20th century because civil servants, attorneys, accountants, and other office workers needed a place where they could work on and store paperwork, access business tools, and collaborate with colleagues. But today, paperwork has become digital documents, business tools have become business apps, and collaboration can happen over multiple digital channels—all available online.

In addition, businesses around the country have discovered that a remote work-friendly culture can provide a boost to productivity and employee engagement and satisfaction. Also, when an organization’s talent pool isn’t geographically restricted, it’s easier to find the best fits for important roles.

Indeed, there are many reasons to implement remote-work-friendly business information management systems, and Imaging Office Systems offers a wide range of remote work solutions that can help you to take full advantage of the power and flexibility of today’s digital business tools.

We’ll take the time to understand your unique workflows and requirements, so we can precisely define and build the cloud-based solutions your people and company need to function at 100% from anywhere.

Why Remote Work with Imaging Office Systems?

  • Fully secure and telepresent remote team collaboration allows you to locate, access, and utilize data from any source.
  • Go paperless or near-paperless, and get work done faster.
  • Automated document management with rules-based distribution.
  • Smart information capture with automated routing.
  • RPA-powered business process automation allows your people to focus on more important and strategic work.
  • Industry-leading endpoint security protocols.

Featured Case Studies

Goddard Public Schools

Goddard Public Schools in Kansas wanted to eliminate paper-based workflows and file storage from their HR department. We built a cloud-based database with online forms that allowed their HR team to work more efficiently from anywhere and spend more time serving their students and community.

Pendleton Heights High School

This Indianapolis-area high school wanted to digitize and index their graduate and withdrawal records and have them instantly accessible from anywhere. We replaced nearly 175,000 pieces of paper with a Filebound database that allowed school staff to respond to daily records requests in just a few minutes, compared to hours previously.

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