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Secure, Compliant Document Storage with Fast, On-Demand Digital File Retrieval

Storing physical paper and microfiche-based records in the office can quickly get out of control and eat up large amounts of expensive space. You also risk exposing confidential information to the wrong people and putting vital information at a higher risk of damage from natural disasters, such as floods or fires.

Imaging Office Systems offers a superior alternative that provides the peace of mind and document security standards your business requires—one of our state-of-the-art, climate-controlled document storage warehouses. Storing paper- or microfiche-based documents with Imaging Office Systems is an easy way to free up valuable office space and meet the strictest of document storage compliance standards, with fully auditable chain-of-custody tracking. Capacity is also fully scalable to your needs, and we can even pick up and sort everything for you, as well.

If you’d like to reclaim your office space or free yourself from overly expensive off-site document storage contracts, we offer a more cost-effective solution for your important papers, files, and microfilm.

However, if the costs of storing and accessing higher volumes of physical files are putting an excessive strain on your budget, we can also provide a solution to relieve those costs with our “Scan-to-Zero” service, in which we pick up and store your documents in one of our document storage facilities, then steadily migrate them to digital format with our document scanning services on a timeline that fits your needs.

Once they’re digital, we can then upload those files to cloud storage, and set you up with an Enterprise Content Management system, which can help you streamline your business content management and information lifecycles, as well as automate key business processes.


Why Document Storage with Imaging Office Systems?

  • Same-day digital retrieval: Need access to paper or microfilm files stored in one of our facilities? No problem. We’ll retrieve, scan, and post them to a secure site you can access from anywhere—usually within just three hours.
  • Preserve business continuity: Our state-of-the-art document storage facilities were purpose-built for document safety and security. 
  • Streamline your office space requirements: If you’re currently using spare office space for document storage, using our facilities instead would allow you to downsize your office space and capture significant cost savings.
  • Easier, cheaper compliance: Healthcare, legal, financial, and many other types of records have compliance requirements for document storage. By storing those documents with us, you’ll never have to worry about whether you’re in compliance. 

Featured Case Studies


Lockton, one of the world’s largest privately held insurance brokerages, needed to improve visibility into their paper document storage and retrieve documents more efficiently. We set up a new document storage system that allowed them to retrieve and deliver paper-based documents digitally and better manage storage and disposal timelines.

Sterling Boiler

One of the top specialty contractors in the United States, Sterling Boiler needed to make their accounts payable workflow more manageable and decrease the amount of paper they were generating, filing, and storing. We developed customized document integration solution that enabled digitization of accounts payable workflows while decreasing the amount of paper in their organization.

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