Document Management

Intelligent, Efficient Document Management Makes It Easy to Effectively Manage Your Information from Anywhere

Cloud-based document management makes it simple to organize, use, and maximize the utility and value of all the files, documents, and other information assets within your organization. It allows your people to share, collaborate, upload, access, organize, and update documents and information quickly and easily—from almost any device or application.


Organization, version control, access/permissions, and data backup all become incredibly easy to integrate and manage from one place with cloud-based document management. In addition, rules-based document security protocols will ensure appropriate levels of access for everyone in your organization and keep the ideas and information that power your business flowing in a secure environment.


However, before any of that happens, you’ll need to convert your paper-based workflows into digital workflows. This task always requires close collaboration with our client partners, so we can develop deep understanding of how information and documents flow within their companies. With this understanding in place, we’ll then recommend and build the most appropriate digital workflow solutions for your needs.


In addition, a major part of converting to digital workflows is migrating your existing paper-based or microfiche-based records to digital format. By digitizing these records and making them accessible from within your document management system, you’ll equip your people with additional data that may prove important for context and background with important business decisions.


We offer two paths for digitizing your records. With the first way, your people will do most of the work. We’ll set you up with the best scanning equipment for your needs and provide technical support to your people as they handle the actual digitization work. In the second scenario, we’ll pick up your records and bring them to one of our state-of-the-art document conversion labs, where we’ll scan and upload them to your document management system.


Cloud-based document management also offers the ultimate in digital storage scalability. Got a big data-intensive project that might double or triple your storage needs? No problem. The storage space is yours on-demand. And if you need to scale down, you’ll only pay for what you use.

Cook Medical Case Study

Why Document Management with Imaging Office Systems?

  • Create a collective corporate memory that makes it easy to find and utilize valuable content across your business.
  • Maintain appropriate levels of security and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Eliminate or reduce paper with digital capture for all types of electronic and physical documents coming into your organization.
  • Enhance and accelerate document lifecycles.
  • Ensure the right people get the right information at the right time.

Featured Case Studies

Cook Medical

Cook Medical, a medical device manufacturer with 8,000 employees worldwide, needed a solution for digitizing their implant manufacturing records in compliance with 21 CFR Part 820. We delivered software and digital conversion services and developed customized information management processes that ensured accuracy, traceability, and compliance.

USD 259 School System

This Wichita, KS-based school district had a long list of technical requirements for a new document management system that would allow for secure, fast, and easy archival and retrieval of documents and files. We delivered a comprehensive solution that satisfied all the technical requirements, while allowing for easy future expansion.

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