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Automate your data workflow and start seeing measurable improvements in information efficiency.

Any business product worth its salt will tell you that it saves time and money. But where do real efficiencies come from? How do you reduce errors and streamline data management?

The experts who study improving workflows and business processes have found that one common tactic—across industries—is the key.


  • Based on your business needs
  • Automated checks and balances
  • Monitored tasks
  • Digitized, traceable records
  • Paperless


  • Spreadsheets
  • Manual processes
  • Printing paper just to scan it again
  • Paper files
  • Ad hoc
  • Storing countless boxes of records

Think beyond the spreadsheet.

What sort of data does your company collect and track? Where do multiple touch points lead to errors and lost time and profits?

For most companies, data processes are a black hole. It’s tough to quantify what you lose when your employees spend time searching for information, doing data entry instead of higher-level work, and trying to track business records by hand. If you’re not sure where your data workflows happen, here are a few common examples:

Accounts Payable

What if you could eliminate errors by including checks and balances, handle high volumes and work with other internal processes, and cost-effectively manage freight payments internally?

Create & Barrel

Customer Service

What if you could digitize and index volumes of data, records, and information and make it available and searchable online to customers who need it without increasing your budget?


Accounts Receivable

What if you didn’t have to worry about data entry, coding, and payment errors? What if you could effortlessly map invoices without additional staff?


Regulatory Compliance

What if you had a customized, fully traceable system for tracking, checking, and accessing records for regulatory compliance that took less time and eliminated errors?


Maybe this sounds familiar?

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Process Analysis

Skip off-the-shelf solutions. Go for a game changer.

Your workflows probably evolved to answer unique business needs. A generic automation plan is about as effective as treating strep throat with a Band-Aid. Off-the-shelf solutions make you feel like you’re taking action, but they’re often an incomplete or completely wrong solution for the problem. What you need is a targeted workflow solution designed for you.

We call this Business Process Reengineering.


  • Based on years of business process expertise across industries.
  • Incorporating a deep understanding of your unique business needs and customer behaviors.
  • Completely customized to fit your goals and requirements.
  • Designed to maximize time and resources for your business.
  • Mapped to existing processes to make life easier for your employees.
  • Cheaper in the long run.
  • Creative, flexible, and inspired.


  • One-size-fits-all. Based on one industry.
  • Focused on one task to the exclusion of linked processes.
  • Cheaper in the short run.

Where does information integrity fit in?

In some applications—particularly highly regulated spaces like government and healthcare—keeping data accurate and safeguarded takes on even greater importance. When it comes to information integrity, manual systems only take you so far.

To truly secure your data and enable accurate, immediate auditing of access, you need a better solution. With customized digital information integrity, records, access, and audit trails are automated, checked, and streamlined to fit your business process as well as your regulatory requirements.

In today’s world, information security takes more than manual workflows. Customized automation minimizes risk—to your customers, employees, and business.

Accounts Payable

Automated data workflows reduce data entry errors.
(A case study for Crate and Barrel)


With 170+ retail locations around the world and a booming catalog and e-commerce business, Crate and Barrel deals with a huge volume of freight on a daily basis.

A few years ago, their large staff handled:

  • Paper invoices from a variety of freight vendors
  • A staggering manual data entry workload
  • Manual coding and categorizing
  • Spreadsheet-driven payment records
  • Manual matching and oversight of invoices, payments, and deadlines resulting in ongoing overpayment, underpayment, and fees

Crate and Barrel’s team includes some of the best and brightest people, but given their volume of manual processing, they were destined to make errors. Besides, using smart workers for tasks like data entry doesn’t make sense from a financial or human resources perspective.

That’s why Crate and Barrel came to Imaging Office Systems for help, asking for a paperless, low-overhead solution. Good thing we love a challenge. Our consultants dug into Crate and Barrel’s business processes and helped cast a vision for what was possible.


Crate and Barrel’s creative, custom solution included:

  • Automated electronic workflows to eliminate manual data entry
  • Time-saving paperless electronic invoice and payment mapping
  • Built-in calculations and double-checks
  • Customized audit and reporting workflows


The results? Not to brag, but in less than a year our solution paid for itself. Now, Crate and Barrel’s freight management team enjoys:

  • Complete error reduction—yes, we mean 0% error rates
  • Quick and accurate processing
  • A totally paperless system that saves space and storage costs
  • Happier vendors
  • Happier staff now freed up to do higher-level tasks
Crate and Barrel case study cover

Learn more about how Imaging Office Systems helped Crate and Barrel take a messy, error-ridden freight payment process and streamline it into a customized data workflow.

Read Crate and Barrel’s success story

Customer Service

Automated data workflows improve customer service.
(A case study for General Electric)


Among (myriad) other things, General Electric makes aircraft engines. For safety and regulatory reasons, GE customers have to track service records for their engines—from anywhere in the world, at any time.

From a business perspective, receiving, cataloging, and searching these records presented a costly problem full of risk—both human and financial—so GE came to Imaging Office Systems looking for a better way. Have we mentioned that we love a challenge?


Here’s what we developed, based on an in-depth analysis of requirements, processes, and budget parameters:

  • Unlimited, global, immediate 24/7 access to service records for every GE engine around the world
  • Scanning paper records limited to once a week
  • Barcoding designed to automate time-consuming indexing
  • Hosted content management with a built-in search feature to reduce storage fees


GE found our solution so easy to configure and scale that they adapted it for several other business areas. Now, GE and their customers have:

  • Manageable regulatory compliance
  • Accessible records—from anywhere, any time
  • Reduced scanning and paper storage requirements (and costs)
  • Less stress for customers, who get faster, more accurate access
  • Happier staff freed up to do higher-level tasks
GE Aviation case study cover

Learn more about how Imaging Office Systems helped GE meet their customers where they were with a solution—on budget—that works.

Read GE’s success story

Accounts Receivable

Automated data workflows reduce accounting errors.
(A case study for OmniSource)


If you’re like most companies, “accounts receivable” is a four-letter word (well, it’s a phrase, but you know what we mean).

Masses of paper invoices and records packed into paper files stored in box after box. Even the most organized accounting teams waste countless hours sorting, filing, and managing this headache—to say nothing of the ongoing costs charged for storing all those records (we’re looking at you, Iron Mountain). But the biggest cost isn’t the manpower or box storage fees—it’s the accounting errors.

When you put conscientious, detail-oriented employees in the middle of a paper- and spreadsheet-based accounting system, you’re setting them up to fail. The more complex your system and the larger your business, the greater the risks for missed errors, payment discrepancies, and overdue accounts.

OmniSource wanted to stop the madness. They came to Imaging Office Systems for a better way, and we were up for the challenge (sensing a trend?).


After working with OmniSource to understand their process and workflows, our experts came up with a customized and streamlined accounts receivable solution. Nowadays, “accounts receivable” doesn’t make OmniSource cringe.


Instead of a hassle, now Accounts Receivable is just another (fully functional, easy, secure, profitable) part of OmniSource, including:

  • No discrepancies in account payments
  • Digital, automated check handling that saves time and money
  • Real-time monitoring and flagging—drastically reducing delayed accounts
  • Simple tracking and audit features that reduce admin time
  • Automated workflows matched to existing client processes, so employees weren’t shocked—just pleasantly surprised and freed up to do higher level tasks
OmniSource case study cover

Learn more about how Imaging Office Systems helped OmniSource implement an enterprise content management system with electronic capture for invoices and payments, single-step data entry, and payment discrepancy tracking.

Read OmniSource’s Success Story

Regulatory Compliance

Automated data workflows solve regulatory headaches.
(A case study for Cook)


Cook manufactures medical devices in more than 25 countries with annual sales in the billions of dollars.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires companies to maintain records for each device for the life of the patient. For Cook, this isn’t just about a regulatory requirement. It’s about patient lives.

Losing a file has huge implications for patient health, and it can compromise FDA approvals—keeping critical devices from patients who desperately need them.

Storage requirements were overwhelming the company on a global scale, so Cook came to Imaging Office Systems for help (and, by now you must know how we feel about challenges).


Our experts worked with Cook to develop a nuanced view of the problem and understand the vision for ideal processing. Then, we went to work to create a customized system of interlocking automated data workflows.


The resulting custom processes included:

  • A paperless documentation and retrieval system
  • Double checks to ensure data accuracy
  • Automated indexing for full traceability
  • Data processing based on business rules unique to each product—all incorporating cross-checking, flagging for completion, and access tracking
  • Replicable processes that ensure regulatory compliance and greater effectiveness throughout the FDA approval process

Don’t let complicated regulatory requirements keep you up at night. Automated solutions take the nightmares out of keeping track of your regulatory environment.


What’s it like to work with IOS?

The smarter you are with your data, the more successful you’ll be.

You have a problem, and the right provider with information management solutions expertise can help you implement automated workflows to save time, improve efficiency, and reduce risk.

Over and over, clients choose Imaging Office Systems team over others because:

  • We listen. Really listen.
  • We study your business processes.
  • We map the gap between your current processes and your business goals.
  • We analyze the possibilities based on decades of expertise and knowledge of best practices across industries.
  • We stretch the boundaries of possibility (yes, we really do) through business process reengineering.
  • We design a creative, flexible, inspired solution completely tailored to each client’s unique situation—some call our results “transformative."
  • We implement the new automated workflows for you—and educate your team.
  • We stay in touch to work the kinks out, catch problems before they start, and help you monitor your ROI.


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