Case Study: Goddard Public School System

From Paper to Cloud: Digital Transformation of HR Records & Workflows

Goddard Public Schools (USD 265) is a rapidly growing school district in Goddard, KS, located in south-central Sedgwick County, less than 5 miles from Wichita. The school system serves more than 5,800 students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.

The Challenge

Goddard Public Schools employs about 1,000 people district-wide, and as the person in charge of HR for the school system, assistant superintendent Jeff Hersh hoped to operate much more efficiently by eliminating paper from HR workflows.

Specifically, Mr. Hersh highlighted how the district had been handling requests for personnel files as a particularly cumbersome process. After retrieving the paper files from storage, they would then have to make photocopies to individually satisfy each information request, which required a significant amount of time to complete.

“While I always thought we worked as efficiently as possible, it felt like things often took longer than they should have. It was nobody’s fault; it’s just the way the system was set up. I thought we could be way more efficient if we went paperless.”

Mr. Hersh went into the project with a simple request: “I just wanted to be able to click a button and have the information available at my fingertips, whether I’m at the office or working from home.”


  • Eliminate paper-based personnel records and box storage
  • Eliminate manual processes for responding to information requests
  • Provide a digital method for entering information into employee records and responding to information requests

How Goddard Public Schools Benefitted from Digital Transformation of HR Workflows

“By going digital, we were better able to service the needs of employees and also better handle requests for records.”

“The ability to go into this system, instead of having to walk out of my office or ask my secretary to pull individual files—especially in the last 10 weeks as she’s been working from home (during the coronavirus pandemic)—has been really beneficial. Being able to make this switch has really paid off in time for us.”

“We don’t have funds to add staff, so how do you utilize and maximize the time of the staff that you have? Now, it’s so easy to go into our system and pull up a personnel file. It’s all at our fingertips. It’s very user-friendly.”

“The knowledge that Imaging Office Systems brought to the table…I didn’t have to worry about the technology side of it at all. All I had to do was tell them what I wanted to do, and they figured out how to make it happen. And that’s all I really care about—I don’t need to know how it works, I just want it to work. And that’s what has happened. We’ve had no problems.”

Jeff Hersh
Asst. Superintendent of Human Resources and Student Services, Goddard Public Schools, USD 265

The Solution

Imaging Office Systems worked with Mr. Hersh to gain a full understanding of the district’s needs and develop the most appropriate technical solution, which was a cloud-hosted Filebound database along with integrated online HR forms to facilitate data entry.

Behind the scenes, Imaging Office Systems collaborated with the solution provider of the district’s student information system in order to integrate the two databases in ways that would bring additional efficiency benefits to the school system.

In the end, Mr. Hersh and Goddard Public Schools got exactly what they requested—a much more efficient information management solution for storing HR data and responding to information requests from outside parties.

Following the successful digitization of current employee records, Goddard Public Schools re-engaged Imaging Office Systems to digitize their records of past employees.

“The customer service we have received from everyone at Imaging Office Systems has been excellent all around. For me, I don’t have the knowledge to do this stuff, and the fact that it just happened without any prodding on my part was just great! I have since referred a couple people onto Imaging Office Systems for similar work. What Angie and Barry promised would happen really did happen. They really took care of business.”

The Bottom Line

By replacing paper-based HR workflows with a cloud-based database and online forms, Imaging Office Systems was able to help the Goddard Public Schools administration team work more efficiently, so they could spend more of their time serving their students and community.

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