Case Study: Enterprise Title

Increasing Efficiency with Automated Information Capture & Cloud Database Integration

Enterprise Title is one of the largest locally owned title agencies in Central Indiana. Between in-office and remote staff, the company employs over 30 people from its Indianapolis office.

Every month, Enterprise Title services over 300 property closings, generating over 45,000 pages per month, which represents about 18 file cabinets worth of documents. Thus, it’s very important for the staff to work as efficiently as possible in order to maintain the high levels of customer service they take great pride in providing.

The Challenge

Imaging Office Systems first started working with Enterprise Title back in 2003 when we helped them implement a system to scan all paperwork into PDFs and upload them to a Windows directory they kept in an onsite server. While this system represented an improvement over storing boxes of paper files, they still had to manually input document identification metadata, such as title, type, project number, and address. This reliance on manual data entry introduced human error into metadata, which caused cataloging inaccuracies.

In 2020, Enterprise Title called on Imaging Office Systems to eliminate this human error factor with their on-premises digital repository and also integrate a cloud-based Qualia database as a redundant digital repository while continuing the practice of uploading PDFs to their own on-premises server.


  • Eliminate human error in manual entry of document metadata
  • Integrate information capture for cloud-based Qualia database

How Enterprise Title Benefitted from Automated Information Capture

“In 2003, we had 7 employees. Now, we have 30…so when you go from 7 people doing document scanning the same way to 30 people not all doing it the same way, that’s when the manual scanning and data entry became a liability. Now, with the new capture system, our documents are automatically named and there’s no human factor involved…and everything’s just uniform and works much better now.”

Amber Hutson
VP and Processing Manager, Enterprise Title

The Solution

In order to eliminate error-prone manual data entry and deliver documents to both Qualia and their on-premises database, Imaging Office Systems deployed our own proprietary Capture software that automatically captured document metadata, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

The new system allowed Enterprise Title employees to simply stack closing documents onto the scanner, hit “Send,” and then walk away, as scanned documents would automatically upload to Qualia. In addition, Imaging Office Systems customized the Qualia integration to automatically generate and email PDFs of documents to Enterprise Title’s on-premises database, where Capture-generated QR codes enabled error-free cataloging of documents—all without human intervention at any step in the process.

Imaging Office Systems’ Capture technology effectively provided an innovative “no-touch” bridge for converting large volumes of paper-based information into properly indexed and searchable data on two different cloud-based and on-premises databases.

“The System allows us to immediately answer questions and retrieve information for customers. Internally, between departments, it’s made it so we can have two or more people viewing a document on the system at the same time and discussing it. Before, if somebody was working with a file and someone else needed, it made for a hand-off situation that created an information bottleneck that didn’t work so well for us,” said Amber Hutson, VP and processing manager for Enterprise Title.

“Before, we had to manually input a document type and also a document name, and file location…and because of human error, we had files going where they didn’t need to go and instances of inaccurate indexing. Now, with this new information capture system, we don’t have any manual data entry…it takes care of everything for us automatically.”

The Bottom Line

Although they are still required to generate paper copies for outside parties, Enterprise Title is now a near-paperless organization. With the help of Imaging Office Systems, they were able to eliminate their reliance on paper-based processes and manual data entry for internal business processes and information management.

Enterprise Title is now better positioned to provide top-level customer service and operate at peak efficiency. The solution saved time and money and provided peace of mind that all data would be error-free.

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