Are Your Data Management Practices a Catastrophe-in-Waiting?

by | Oct 30, 2019

We’ve seen it all too many times: a company continues down its path of paper-based document management (because they think it’s easier) until…disaster strikes!

Maybe it’s an audit, a product recall, a lawsuit, or some other kind of data-demanding event. Regardless, the 11th hour is usually when we’ll get the call. Luckily, our experience of helping companies manage data crises and our agility to act fast allows us to create a corrective action plan quickly and implement the necessary steps efficiently.

However, we don’t wish this kind of “mad dash” onto anyone. It’s risky, incredibly stressful, and nearly certain to interrupt your normal flow of business operations. You don’t want that, and we don’t want you to have to deal with that. Damage prevention is always better and cheaper than damage control.

Improve Data Management Now, Eliminate Bigger Problems Later

If you’re cruising down the highway and the check-engine light comes on, you might wonder, “What just happened? Is there something wrong? Everything seems to be working. I’m still moving…I don’t hear anything weird. Should I stop and check things out or just keep going?”

We all know the correct answer. But we also know what we’re most likely to do: keep going. And as the days and weeks go by, we might keep on going and eventually forget about those initial, panic-tinged questions we asked ourselves when the check-engine light first came on. And make no mistake—this ticking time bomb will detonate on its own timeline.

No Matter What Kind of Business You’re in, We All Have the Equivalent of a ‘Check-Engine Light’

When that warning light ticks on, you have a choice. Investigate and correct the problem now, or procrastinate until later when the small problem has metastasized into a full-blown data disaster…and you’re forced to drop everything to deal with it reactively instead of proactively.

You owe it to yourself, your customers, and employees to make the right choice…now, while you still can.

After all, what’s the business benefit of waiting for a crisis to fix something you already know needs to be fixed? As we move further and further into a data-driven business world, paper-based document management systems are becoming a bigger and bigger liability…because with every data-driven advancement in the way business is done, you are left further and further behind.

There is no reason to wait. We can solve the core data issues your organization is facing so the check engine light never comes on. Better yet…we’ll set you up to transform your paper-based data into valuable cloud-based data sets that can help inform your critical decisions and operate more strategically and with vastly better insight into your customers and operations.

Don’t Wait. Now Is the Time to Digitize and Migrate to the Cloud.

Don’t limp along thinking you’ll fix it “someday.” Fix it now. Get with the times. Do yourself and your entire organization a huge favor. Digitize and migrate your data to the cloud, where it can actually be useful! That’s what we do here at Imaging Office Systems.

From expert digital document conversion to migrating your data into an intelligent cloud-based system, our focus is on equipping you with data management practices that will position you for success now and into the future.