Imaging Office Systems Launches Blockchain Cloud Storage

by | Jul 29, 2021

Imaging Office Systems announces the rollout and availability of a new blockchain-powered cloud storage solution on the Ethereum blockchain, in cooperation with Storage Fleet LLC, which promises enhanced security, speed, and cost effectiveness for Imaging Office Systems customers.

“We are proud to offer the latest advances in blockchain-secured cloud storage to our customers,” said Brian Kopack, Imaging Office Systems president. “Today, in the face of increasingly advanced data security threats, businesses owe it to themselves and their customers to ensure data is secure. With blockchain-based cloud storage, important data and documents benefit from a whole new level of security, made possible by the decentralized nature of the blockchain.”

How Blockchain-Secured Cloud Storage Works

Smart contracts are an important feature of the Ethereum Network.

Best known for hosting the world’s No. 2 cryptocurrency, the Ethereum blockchain itself is actually both an open-source platform that allows the development of native decentralized applications and a distributed public blockchain network.

Blockchain-powered cloud storage works by breaking up a user’s data into tiny encrypted chunks of data and distributing them to hosts throughout the blockchain network. This functionality leverages hallmark blockchain technologies, such as transaction ledgers, cryptographic hash functions, and public/private key encryption. Stored data is hashed and split up across the network to ensure that unauthorized actors can never gain access to an entire file—even if they were to decrypt a piece of the data on the network. Owners of individual nodes are also kept anonymous.

The Ethereum network is an especially attractive platform for companies that sell data-based or data-centric products and services because of its smart contract functionality. With a smart contract, once a certain set of agreed-to conditions are met between two parties, the contract executes, and the processing of payment takes place.

“For ECM (enterprise content management, document management, storage) providers, privacy and security are the most important concerns for our customers,” said Gary Gushard, Imaging Office Systems former director. “With ever-increasing threats to privacy by adaptive and sophisticated bad actors, it is more important than ever to leverage every possible security measure to protect your data. Blockchain storage changes the game and provides a huge security improvement over current storage solutions.”

Benefits for Information Technology Departments

IT departments can benefit greatly from the security, speed, and low cost of blockchain storage. It can be integrated with any local server or PC as well as existing cloud servers and workspaces to enhance security and reduce the cost of data backup infrastructures. It can be used by IT departments to get data, such as backups, off-site to satisfy disaster recovery policies. It also provides the secure, completely customizable platform for collaboration and custom application development.

How Blockchain Storage Works on Storage Fleet

Blockchain storage on Storage Fleet utilizes hosts that sign up to get paid for their available drive space. The hosts are paid weekly based on their storage size and the number of renters that use their space. For example, if a host allocates 1000 GB and is housing 13 clients’ data, the payout to the host will be $15.34 weekly, which translates into $61.36 monthly. For more information on how host payments work, see the host earning calculator.

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