Blockchain Cloud Storage to Set New Standard in Data Security

by | Apr 5, 2021

One of the most exciting developments in the last 10 or 12 years is about to happen with the imminent merging of cloud storage and blockchain technology. Cloud computing has redefined many aspects of everyday life in the “knowledge economy. Now, we’re about to level up to version 2.0 of “the cloud.” You’ll be hearing a lot more about that and Imaging Office Cloud Services in the coming months, but for now, I wanted to give everyone a little preview of what blockchain-powered cloud storage could mean for you and your business 

Blockchain-Secured Cloud Storage: What Is It and Why It Matters 

blockchain2020_imaging office systemsThe architecture of blockchain-based cloud storage will vary, but other than a few minor differences, they’ll all work in a similar way…  Blockchain-based cloud storage provides the ability to accurately track the storage and backup history of data in order to confirm its integrity.

As different blocks of data are sequentially linked through cryptographic hashes, data is automatically organized in a verifiable order. As every single block is linked to the previous ones, it produces a decentralized, encrypted, and verifiable transaction ledger in a distributed form.  How it works is data gets divided into different encrypted, interconnected segments, using hash algorithms.

These secured segments distribute decentralized across a peer-to-peer network, which features strong security infrastructure at work, like secure transaction ledgers and 256-bit encryption through public/private key. All of it works together to assure a whole new level of reliability and robust security against hackers. Even the craftiest of hackers can’t break 256-bit encryption! 

More Benefits of Blockchain-Powered Cloud Storage 

  • Provides speeds up to 10 times faster than current conventional technology and can cut expenses up to 50%. 
  • Only end users with client-side encryption have access to encryption keys and un-encrypted files, a protocol that provides the data owner full control over who has access. 
  • Provides complete transparency of all activity on the network and ensures that each transaction can be verified at any time…and also provides immutable transaction records to verify ownership and identity. 
  • The distributed, hash-encrypted ecosystem helps build trust by proactively protecting against handling errors and fraud by not allowing breaches in compliance standards by any member of the network. 

Blockchain-based cloud storage really does represent the optimal blend of security and scalability. The extra layer of security makes it ideal for sensitive data storage. By integrating blockchain-powered cloud storage, a business can reduce their IT expenditure, enhance security, and streamline the flow of information.  We’ll be talking more about blockchain-based cloud storage in the weeks and months ahead, but I just wanted to let you know through this blog that we are working on some exciting developments with Imaging Office Cloud Services…and I can’t wait to tell you more!