Convenience and Efficiency: Most Desired of Digital Transformation

by | Dec 1, 2019

For the past few years, I’ve been using DocuSign to sign everything—scope documents, partner agreements, contracts, etc. I find it ridiculously convenient and efficient…two things for which I have deep appreciation. Hey, I can relate! My job is basically helping companies find more efficient and convenient ways to do the things they need to do. I learn how my client does X, envision how it could be better…and transform that vision into actionable implementation steps. I had a client recently describe me as a “business therapist”—I love that!  Just like a therapist, I try to make my clients’ lives easier by helping them examine their businesses objectively and improve certain aspects of it.

Digital Transformation as Business Therapy: A Prescription for a Successful Future


The work we do for clients is all over the map. It all depends on what they need and that can be really different from one client to the next. For Crate & Barrel, we helped them automate their freight bill auditing so they could catch errors before they paid an inaccurate bill, which resulted in a cumbersome process of going back to the freight company after the fact and explaining to them how they overpaid and requesting a refund.

Cook Medical Imaging Office Systems

Cook Medical, meanwhile, wanted us to design a global approval system—a new workflow that handled requisition creation/approval, receiving functions, invoice entry, and approvals that would work seamlessly throughout the USand Europe. Our solution did that, plus allowed for variations in currency and country regulations. It also allowed them to customize their processes for given locales by ticking off required fields for certain countries and automatically establishing a defined approval path for those countries.

These projects, like most that we do, start with a client vision. Sometimes, our job involves helping a client create that vision. In other instances, they know where they need to get, but don’t know how to get there. In both instances, we’re a proven partner for helping organizations use technology to evolve.