Document management systems enable ideas

by | Jul 25, 2016

You don’t know what you don’t know

How often have you said there should be a law for that, only to realize that it already is a law, then you begin to wonder if anyone ever reads these things.

I read about this last week, and it’s stuck with me ever since.

The Brooks Act, also known as qualifications based selection (QBS), is a law that has been on the books since the 70’s. It makes it illegal for federal buyers to use price as any part of the decision process when selecting architects or engineers for government projects.

What a novel idea…buy on value not solely on cost.

Document scanning and management at your fingertips

We are all about that idea at IOS. We don’t think it is possible to view changing the way you do business with a lowest-cost-wins-value-be-damned mentality.

It must stop. You must ask more questions. There is a value to finding what you need when you need it. What is the value of knowing what all your stored documents say about a subject at the touch of a button?

In a technology-driven, intelligent document management world, choosing a partner on price only makes your job harder.

Ideas matter

In data management, once price becomes the sole-criteria for selection, everything that makes an idea transformative is stripped away: creativity, expertise, vision. It assures lower quality, an inferior level of service and ultimately, a lower level of customer satisfaction.

Document conversion, data management systems, intelligent document storage have a value beyond price. It’s isn’t uncommon to hear a solution we designed or reengineered return 3x/5x/10x the initial investment in relatively short order because the systems in place allow for greater team collaboration and a focus on profit centers removed from the redundancy and time-consuming shuffling of documents. We don’t think what we do can be done any other way.

If you find another partner who can do what we do and can create more value for a competitive price, you’ve found the content management unicorn – so hang on.

Creatively designed content management ideas flexibly designed and expertly implemented.