HR Info Management Solutions That Rock Your Work-from-Anywhere World

by | May 28, 2020

HR Automation from Imaging Office Systems is a lowcost, yet powerful, solution for managing complex HR workflows. We can quickly implement a custom-designed system for your organization that can process and digitally manage all types of information, whether it comes into your possession in digital format or on paper.

We Make HR Info Usable and Accessible from Anywhere in the World

As an HR pro, you likely have information and data coming from a variety of sources, such as online forms or electronic applications, digital and snail mail resume submissions, and reference submission apps. However it arrives, we can implement a variety of software, hardware, AI and robotic process automation solutions to build a highly reliable system for capturing and exporting the information to a private cloud, where it can be accessed by a content management system, HRIS or any other type of business application that you may want to use. 

Imaging Office Systems makes it easy to implement such a system by researching your business processes and leveraging our information management experience and expertise to design the information capture and document management systems you need to effectively manage all the information that comes into your organizationwhether it’s by paper, online forms, email or any other channel—and route it with appropriate security and access controls in place. 

Organizations of all types—and especially their HR departments—have historically handled information management with a piece-meal approach. However, by working with Imaging Office Systems, you can be assured you’ll be using the best-available technology, combined with the best information management practices…all integrated and tuned to your unique needs. For nearly 50 years, this is the type of work Imaging Office Systems has done, and right now, with the advent of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and robotic process automation, much of the information management tasks that used to require human intervention can now be automated…which is very timely, considering the current pandemic.  

We Were Prepared for This Moment…You Can Be, Too!

We can quickly can set you up to manage all your business informationHR or otherwise—without a physical office. We even offer a snail mail pickup-and-scan service, which means your people can access documents that arrive by mail in Indiana, for example, from anywhere in the world. 

We deliver information management enablement as an affordable, subscription-based solution-as-a-service, which we customize according to your needs with the right mix of information management expertise, software, scanning hardware, and other services…such as our Document Conversion Lab Services.  

Imaging Office Systems maintains three document conversion labs across the United States, staffed by information management professionals that are extremely welltrained and experienced in data preparation, indexing, metadata assigning, and document separation. So, when it comes to the work of converting enterprise volumes of paper-based or digital data into the format you require, this is the team you want on the job 

In addition, Imaging Office Systems also offers box storage with digital document retrieval, which means, if you need to access any information that resides as a paper document in our storage facility, we will locate, scan, and deliver that document to you digitally within a four-hour timeframe. In addition, if you wish, we can covert these large paper document stores into a cloud-based database, complete with all the security features and access controls your company requires. 

To learn more about Imaging Office Systems’ information management solution-as-a-service, I encourage you to check out the webinar at the top of this page…solutions start at only $300 per month!