Instantly Activate Cloud-Based Business Infrastructure with BPO

by | Jun 11, 2020

A few months ago, offices became the feared breeding grounds of a global pandemic, and businesses in America and all over the world needed to pivot. We needed to find new ways to utilize our business resources, new ways to communicate, and new ways to process and route important documentation.

For many, it’s been quite a scramble to figure out how to handle business processes that were previously facilitated by the infrastructure of everyone being together in a physical office. 

For example, before in the office, if we needed Steve to sign something, he was there to do it. If we needed Angie to look at this pile of applications for this position, we could plop them down her desk and ask her to have at it. We could pass mail around as necessary. And of course, we could forward emails around or have instant messaging chats…and then get into a room together to discuss something if a conversation becomes too unwieldy for those channels. 

Long-term remote work forced a recalibration of all these essential business processes and more. One piece of good news in these crazy times is that, technologically, we were prepared for this moment…  

Business Process Outsourcing: Flexibility You Need to Thrive in a ‘New Normal’

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) with Imaging Office Systems offers a way for organizations to instantly activate a cloud-based business process infrastructure that equips your organization to operate effectively in a decentralized, remote infrastructure. 

For example, in an office, someone usually looks at an invoice and inputs the required information into the organizations ARP system…or with benefit or HR documentation, you may have emails, forms, and even handwritten information that may need to be captured and entered into a HRIS. 

Our BPO solutions enable our customers to intelligently capture required information from documents and route it where it needs to go…all without human intervention. Our BPO systems can classify document type, separate pages, parse the information, find smart zones, grab data, and migrate it to the systems or applications where you need it. Pretty cool stuff indeed! 

What BPO Looks Like

With BPO from Imaging Office Systems, you gain the ability to capture any document or piece of information in any form—paper or otherwise—digitize it as necessary, format it, and deliver it where and how it can be useful to your organization. That could mean everything from a Windows folder, Sharepoint…or perhaps an Upland FileBound database, Caso document management system, or other application endpoints. 

We handle all the technical details behind the digital curtain to make it happen, and you get the benefit of having the information and data you need to inform important business processes.  

What Happens Between Capture and Application Endpoint?

  • AI: Artificial intelligence may work through the capture component to omit document header info, isolate line item details, and populate a customized data stream. 
  • Robotic Process Automation: RPA takes captured data and feeds it to an application, database, folder, or website.
  • Physical Data Retrieval from Storage: We’ll move your stored file boxes from whatever onsite facilities you have to our climatecontrolled box storage facility…and then provide digital conversion/scanning with digital file delivery on demand, in which we can pull stored files and deliver digitally.
  • Data Storage Strategy: We’ll help you figure out what to do with your stored paper files and deliver digital conversion, storage, or destruction services. 
  • Digital Document Repository with Workflow: Whether your endpoint is a Windows folder, application, or some business processing environment, we’ll provide the do
    cument repository and workflow engine and mechanisms to push that data toward those processes.

We’re very selective of the software components we use to build out solutions…so much so that we’ve actually developed our own proprietary suite of information management cloud applications, which we plug in to either drive or complete customized digital transformations for our customers. We have the experience and talent to assess your situation and quickly build out a solution set that addresses your needs to become a digital-based, paperless organization…whether working remotely or in the office.  

We’ve been in the information management business for nearly 50 years, and if that experience has taught us anything, it’s that one size never fits all. That’s why we offer a myriad of products and methods to digitally transform business processes with a low cost of entry and minimal training. 

Implement today, enjoy tomorrow. Digitally transform now. Imaging Office Systems makes it possible!