Record Storage to Digital Transformation—We Transform Data into an Asset

by | Nov 19, 2019

An organization’s data management practices can either be an asset or a drag on their day-to-day activities and business goals. At Imaging Office Systems, our goal is to help our customers transform their information management into a powerful asset that saves time, improves efficiency, and reduces risk. There are a number of ways we help you do that. 

The Cloud Is Great for Secure Digital Storage—But We Also Ensure Paper Records Are Safe

The importance of protecting sensitive data—be it paper or digital form—cannot be understated. Whether it’s customer information, employee documents, or business partner files, storing the data as digital files in a cloud server is one of the least risky of all the methods of data storage. However, if you’re still obligated to maintain paper records, we can help you store those safely and securely, as well. The goal should always be to reduce the risk of data loss or data security breaches by implementing best storage practices. Whether your records are digital or paper-based, our storage facilities employ closely monitored climate control, state-of-the art fire prevention systems, and security surveillance.

Here are some additional advantages of relying on Imaging Office Systems for Record Storage:

  • Reduced clutter in your physical and digital work-spaces
  • Full compliance with information security regulations
  • Web-based management of documents stored offsite
  • Reliable document tracking for quick and easy organization 

Need to Digitize Paper-Based Records?

High volume document storage puts a strain on organizations as they run out of space and spend too much money storing and accessing files. If you need better access to the information in your business records, as well as improved file integrity and security, Imaging Office Systems’ document scanning services can help.

As a stand-alone or complementary service, scanning all your paper records into digital form significantly improves information management in a complex organization by enabling you to…

  • Gain easy access to documents, forms, contracts, charts and invoices
  • Enjoy peace of mind by employing reliable protection of valuable information from damage or destruction
  • Repurpose storage space by removing physical file cabinets and folders
  • Reduce environmental impact by going paperless

If you’re looking to stop filling file rooms, join the digital age, and improve your legacy technology, our document scanning and cloud storage solutions will make the transition easy and seamless.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Software: What It Can Do for You

ECM software systems can make an incredible impact on your organization and business management processes. ECM enables you to securely store, organize, and manage large amounts of data across various file types.

By defining access levels for your employees, you will enable them to access and exchange information based on their user privileges. Not only does ECM make structuring enterprise document management more efficient and effective, but also, the right ECM application will streamline your content and information lifecycles, as well as automate key business processes.

Regardless of your industry, if you’re looking for a better way to collaborate, manage your documents, organize your records, or simply preserve your data safely, you should consider ECM.

Business Process Automation Lets You Reallocate Employees for More Important Work

Business process automation is a way of using technology to automate business tasks in order to cut costs and increase productivity. Automation helps organizations use their resources more efficiently by delegating easy tasks to computer systems. Other applications include:

  • Delivering superior customer service by using automated services to reduce response time
  • Improving productivity with automatic report generation or bill payments
  • Improving employee morale by reducing menial and repetitive tasks
  • Minimizing human error, increasing accountability, and providing employees with the right tools to do their job right

Automation can help you increase the efficiency and accuracy of your business processes. In return, your employees re-purpose their valuable time for more strategic and important tasks.

Digital Transformation Enables You to Be Better at What You Do

The theory behind digital transformation is the same for small and large organizations—instead of merely replicating an existing service, the goal is to use technology to transform that service into something significantly better.

By embracing tech, businesses modernize their IT infrastructure, create built-in security, and focus on how to serve customers digitally in new ways. With a modern, open approach to technology, businesses can start to think about how to use technology to improve its operations, processes, and services.

We believe that the smarter you are with your information, the better positioned you are to achieve your desired success—no matter the industry.

The companies with whom we work come from a wide range of business sectors, all with a diverse set of unique needs. Here’s a look at a few scenarios in which we can be helpful:

  • Government and public administration – file sharing over a wide area or between offices
  • Healthcare – electronic health records and collecting data from wearable technology
  • Manufacturing and construction – automate sales order processing and integrate with production systems
  • Education – effectively organize and monitor compliance documentation
  • Banking and finance – mobile banking apps that remove paper from repetitive customer transactions
  • Consulting – using cognitive computing to streamline services and make more informed decisions

Let us help you save time, improve your record storage, reduce risk, amplify the impact of your employees, and change the way you do business for the better. Contact us today to discover what we can do for your business.