Secure, Instant Remote Work Solutions — Starting at Just $300!

by | Mar 16, 2020

The emergence of coronavirus as a serious public health concern has suddenly put pressure on all types of businesses to continue operations with all team members working remotely.

While some organizations have implemented capabilities that allow their teams to work remotely and collaborate seamlessly as if they were still in the office, many companies have not, or only have email or limited remote work capabilities…

Keep Business Moving with Imaging Office Systems

Many companies now find themselves in the difficult position of trying to balance the need to keep business operations moving with the obligation to allow employees the ability to work from home to avoid the risk of coronavirus exposure. 

At this point, no one’s sure how long this coronavirus crisis will persist, so we felt it was important to let you know that Imaging Office Systems now offers cloud-based remote work solutions that can be set up in just minutes to support teams of any size—starting at only $300.

From basic needs, such as secure cloud storage, to more complex capabilities like virtual desktops and real-time collaboration, Imaging Office Systems can implement precisely the solution your team needs to keep business moving during this difficult time…and beyond! We are here to help and keep your business up and running. 

After the crisis subsides (and it will), you’ll be free to cancel your remote work solution—or if you wish to keep it, you’ll have the ability to further scale and customize it to add additional capabilities, such as: 

  • Business Process Automation: Using AI/machine learning capabilities, many menial—but important—business processes can be automated, allowing your people to focus on more complex tasks. 
  • Enterprise Document Management: Get best-in-class document security along with definable access controls, centralized storage, audit trails, and streamlined search and retrieval. 
  • Enhanced Data Utilization: Capture and integrate data more effectively into your decision-making processes. 
  • Paperless Office Technology: Businesses of any type can now go totally paperless, saving them costs and enhancing efficiency and productivity. 
  • Enterprise Scanning: We offer high capacity scanning service where we do all the work for you—or we can provide you the equipment and support to do it yourself. 
  • Digital Information Capture: Locate, access, and utilize digital information anywhere it resides within your IT architecture. 

From basic needs, such as secure cloud storage, to more complex real-time collaboration environments, we’ll fit you to the solution that addresses your team’s unique needs…and help you keep business moving—no matter where your people are—during this crisis and beyond!  

After all, a mobile workforce is an empowered workforce.