Your Technology-Enabled Competitors Are Doing These Things—Are You?

by | Dec 16, 2020

In the very near future, a new type of digital divide will materialize between businesses that have embraced cloud technology as an integral part of their business…and those that haven’t.

In fact, the divide is already forming—exacerbated by the pandemic.

The question for business owners is now: will you sit idly by as the players in your industry and market move, or will you adapt your organization to the new normal with cloud-based tools that give you the power to do things easier, faster, and more strategically?

And what exactly can done easier, faster, and more strategically? The truth is…too much to list here—but I’m glad you asked! Rather than call out specific ways that digital transformation technologies and cloud computing can help you adapt your business, here are seven general areas of your business where they can help.

7 Ways the Cloud Helps You Run Your Business Easier, Faster, and More Strategically 

  • Work from Anywhere. Cloud technology allows your business data and applications to be available anywhere and anytime you need it. This means there’s no need to be tethered to an office anymore to be productive or to be able to collaborate with your colleagues
  • Deliver a Digital Customer Experience. Whether you want to digitize your customer journeys, increase your speed and agility in reacting to customer desires, or build trust with your customersthe digital customer experience is increasingly the one that matters most. Digital transformation and cloud technology allow you to take advantage of the fact that people are now obsessed with apps and digital solutions that make their life and work easier.
  • Get Data-Based Insights. How important it is to consider data in your important business decisions? Very! And more companies are finding more ways to leverage data-based insights than ever before. But what if some of your most valuable data is on paper stored in boxes at some off-site storage facility? By scanning those papers and organizing the data in cloud-based databases, you can build your own new data-based insights and optimize your business strategies and processes to maximize your success and ROI.
  • Encourage Collaboration and Alignment. Bridge age and cultural gaps, build a sense of community, break down departmental siloes, and work better together—no matter where your people are! That’s the power of cloud-based collaboration. 
  • Amplify Agility and Innovation. Digital technologies enable rapid innovation and development of ideas that help you deliver new products and services to customers who increasingly want everything faster and better than before. 
  • Integrate Automation and Machine Learning. These new technologies can save you enormous amounts of time by allowing your people to automate labor- and time-intensive business processes.
  • Build a Digitally Empowered Culture. Just having the technology available to you is not enough. Organizations must actively adopt and apply a company culture that embraces and builds on the change with a digital learning environment focused on upgrading the knowledge and abilities of workers.