Case Study: Global Consultant

Streamlined accounts payable across the globe.

Client is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions, and extensive research on the world’s most successful companies, they collaborates with clients to help them become high-performance businesses and governments.

The Challenge

While the client is an outsourcing specialty company, they recognized that its core competencies did not include document scanning and that that task would be a distraction.

They went looking for a company to partner with that could provide those services and specifically, a partner that had not only the document capture skill set and experience but one that could also provide a web-based software solution that included workflow.


The Solution

The project started with IOS on-site at one of the clien’ts offices for capture and has now moved to Imaging Office System’s (IOS) Wichita office. IOS receives mail daily from a dedicated PO box, via fax from the client’s customers, and via email from both the client and their customers.

The customer prints and inserts custom transmittal sheets that are used by IOS to verify the AP batches submitted by the customer. Once the batches have been verified, they are prepped and scanned for off shore data entry.

The images and associated control data are then formatted for data entry by the Client’s Data Entry Services Division in India. The images are pushed to India using a custom web based workflow. Once the Indian service provider completes indexing, the workflow merges the images and data together and formats them for automatic import into a document repository custom build for the Client. IOS maintains the web workflow software as part of its service level agreement; giving the Client one contact for both the capture services and ongoing support for the workflow.

Key Solution Components

  • Custom reports: Allows IOS to present documented evidence that all customer records have been processed.
  • Intelligent capture software: Allows for automation and tracking of various batches.
  • Web-based content management with workflow: Provides access to unlimited users anywhere in the world. Workflow passes and receives un-indexed and indexed pages back and forth between India and the United States in a secure environment.
  • Private PO box: Daily pickup by an IOS employee allows for continuous deliveries.
  • Dedicated fax line: Allow for fax input into the capture process.
  • Dedicated email addresses: Provide a third option for the client’s customers.

The Bottom Line

The IOS solution fulfilled all the requirements of the project, and allowed the client to eliminate all of its full time employees previously dedicated to prep and scanning of customer accounts payable documents. In the past, the client had attempted to write their own software and perform like services in San Antonio, TX, but were unable to reproduce the results anywhere close to the cost effectiveness of IOS and their hosted workflow solution. With IOS their business is more effective and they plan to expand its use in other areas of their business.

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