Case Study: SCOR

More Productivity. Fewer Staff.

SCOR Global Life Americas (formerly Generali) is a leading global reinsurer, executing an underwriting policy focused on profitability, developing value-added services and adhering to a cautious financial policy in order to meet the expectations of their clients in terms of security. SCOR Global Life is part of the SCOR Group:

  • Premium income of EUR 10.3 billion
  • 2,315 employees, 50 nationalities

The Challenge

At the start of the project, each year the Claims Department at SCOR received an estimated 252,000 pages of claim documentation. This documentation was received via e-mail, USPS and fax.

Before the documents were useful, they had to be categorized by type, such as Initial Claim Notice, Request for Payment, Claimant Statement, etc. and the data needed to be extracted, such as Policy #, Insured Name, Notified Date.

The sorting, categorization, and data extraction was all done manually by people. That made the process expensive and time consuming. The longer the process took, the longer it was before SCOR was servicing their clients.

They needed a way to automate to give their staff time to focus on tasks that were a better use of their skills and they needed to get the documents into the hands of the claims staff as soon as possible.

The Solution

IOS implemented a dynamic capture system to automate the classification process by taking the claim documents and electronically separating them by document type.

Once the claim documents are classified by document type, the solution extracts the data values from the information found on the pages. To further assist in decision-making processes down the line, the new system also queries an external database to add additional details for the documents.

 The solution supports e-mail, scanning of paper documents and import from a fax server. The captured, classified and indexed documents flow right into SCOR’s content management system.

The Bottom Line

By automating SCOR is able to provide interpreted data to the various departments faster, allowing for quicker decisions and their staff is able to provide real value instead of manual data extraction.

  • With an innovative capture solution, SCOR handled a 300% increase in claims volume with 62% less staff.
  • Response times to claims were reduced from 3 weeks to 3 days.

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