Digital Technology Strategies for Credit Unions

by | May 30, 2019

Credit unions have to compete with other financial services providers to support customers and ensure team productivity. Keeping up with consumer demand involves the integration of the latest digital technology and harnessing digital methods to maximize resource value. In this new post, we’ll explore some of the digital strategy options available to credit union operators.

Provide Secure Digital Access to Data

Financial services companies across the country now depend on their digital systems to provide clients with exceptional service. Credit unions must take the time to convert their current documents to digital media in order to access the documents across their networks.

Digital systems can create a connection point between the operator at the credit union and their client. For example, the client accesses the back-end data regarding their account at home, while the bank can access the data through their own in-house systems. So, data can be easily verified, and any points of confusion can be reduced.

Improve Digital Data Retention

One of the many mistakes credit unions are now making in their digital strategies is not reviewing the paper trail for their documents and not ensuring that each of their paper documents is scanned and the information secured.

Paper documents have a limited security capacity. They can easily be misplaced or damaged. Once either of these events occurs, the data on the document is then lost. Digital copies can be saved, and the file can be backed-up on the server, ensuring that the information is at your team’s disposal even in a blackout.

Provide Personalized Experiences

Digital technology empowers companies to provide a more personalized experience to their clients. Credit unions can now use the latest digital technology to create digital profiles for their clients and provide them with their own back-end system to navigate at their leisure. This has the potential to give customers more control over how they handle the data, allowing credit unions to play a supporting role in helping clients manage their financial records more effectively.

By digitizing financial records, all information can be placed online, for direct access by the client and other account holders. This information can be held securely by the bank to limit the potential for data loss. This process can also benefit the bank in sending out personalized marketing communications such as emails. Now, credit unions can harness digital data to find out the name of the account holder and automatically fill mailing information for a personalized approach to direct marketing.

Reduce Risk Within Your Digital Structures

Perhaps one of the key challenges for many growing credit unions is reducing the risks within their organization. This is particularly important in relation to the areas of data loss and data navigation. Data loss is a critical issue across the financial sector, and companies must now harness the latest digital scanning and recordkeeping technology to ensure their accounting data and their clients’ data is kept safe and secure at all times.

Reducing the level of risk associated with accounts managements means finding ways to manage data effectively and protect it from loss. Digital scanning of physical documents is essential within this process and allows the organization to create backups of all data within their systems. This ensures that even environmental disasters that might impact a building don’t cause the loss of data from a separate and secure network server.

Turn to Imaging Office Systems for Scanning Guidance

Our team at Imaging Office Systems can guide your new digital strategy. We have many years of experience in the industry and work with a broad range of technology to ensure your data is scanned, secured, and ready for your clients and in-house team to utilize. Our work involves planning for the changes to come within the financial sector and helping companies understand the challenges they face in managing their data.

We can help your organization as you move forward in meeting the needs of current clients and clients who will join your organization in the years ahead. Whether you require document scanning or the building of a secure digital document management system, we can help your company in the long term. To learn more about Imaging Office Systems and the complete range of digitization services we offer, contact our trusted team today.