Digital Transformation: Go Fully Paperless with ‘Scan To Zero’

by | Jan 27, 2020

Do you have piles—or roomfuls—of disorganized, yet important, papers lingering around your office?

If so, maybe you also have a newly hired and overly ambitious office manager, and maybe one day, she decides to clear the clutter and (thinking it’s a good thing) tosses out a bunch of seemingly “worthless paper?”

She didn’t know that old dusty pile of files from the 90’s was important…and you didn’t have time to tell her before she made an irretrievable mistake (barring a desperate trip to the local dump!) Finding a new office manager will be the least of your problems!

Or, maybe you have a well-organized physical filing system…

Either way, do you ever worry about the what-ifs?

What if you lost it all? What if there was a flood? What if there was a fire? Or what if…something worse?

Or…maybe you keep paper documents in secure off-site storage, but you’re tired of writing that monthly check with the extra charges for file retrievals?

Hey, what if you never had to worry about any of that again? There is a much better way…it’s called “Scan To Zero.”

Scan To Zero: Trade In Physical File Storage for Scanning and Cloud Migration—For the Same Price You’re Currently Paying!

Scan To Zero is a startlingly simple digital document conversion and migration program that repurposes your current monthly spend on physical file storage for something much more useful…

Instead of paying for physical paper storage and retrieval with Iron Mountain (or any off-site document storage center), with Imaging Office Systems, that same budget will get you a full digital transformation for your document management practices that includes:

  • All document scanning
  • All required cloud storage and bandwidth

and during scanning…

  • FREE secure, compliant/certified, environmentally controlled paper file storage
  • FREE transportation/logistics services
  • A generous allotment of FREE paper document retrievals

For example, if you are currently paying $3,000 monthly for paper file storage, you will continue to pay $3,000 per month until all of your paper files are scanned and stored in a cloud-based server that offers instant retrievability and a multitude of other benefits! We will also credit back to you any penalty fees charged by your current record center over the length of the conversion.

That’s Scan to Zero. It’s quite simple. We like it that way, and so will you.

Scan to Zero: Frequently Asked Questions

What if we still have file requests while your team is scanning your way through all our boxes?

Not a problem. Imaging Office Systems will retrieve the files you need, and we will send them to your team via a secure portal as a digital file within four business hours—no doubt much faster than you are currently experiencing for paper requests.

I do not have records in a commercial record center, but I have a huge file room that is overflowing. I also have records stored in other less secure areas, like our basement. I would like to use Scan To Zero, but how would that work? 

It would work the same except that the monthly scanning amount would be agreed upon, based on a reasonable cost metric of your current internal storage costs. This monthly budget number would then be the scanning spend per month until we take you to zero. If your records are in filing cabinets, IOS can come in and box, label, and pick-up your records.

I love the idea, but we have a small overworked records management department, and I am not sure that they’ll have the time to get this going. Just exactly how time consuming is it to get started and manage a Scan To Zero project?

We totally understand, but you’ll be pleased to know that your involvement in setting up and managing the project should be very minimal. The biggest thing you’ll need to do is notify your current record storage provider that X number of boxes will be leaving, we’ll take it from there. We will arrange the pick-up of your boxes, categorize them either by box label or using any systems you already have in place. At that point, we’ll present for your approval our plan for scanning and indexing your records.

Upon getting the green light, we will create a small acceptance delivery with a statement of work showing you exactly what your documents look like scanned and indexed with the agreed metadata to make sure you are happy before we implement the same process for the rest of your records. That’s it.

I have thousands of boxes, so the Scan To Zero process could take years based on my monthly budget. All my boxes would be stored for free during this process? Is the storage secure?

As long as you are in the Scan To Zero program, your boxes will be stored for no additional charge for as long as it takes in a secure commercial box storage facility that currently houses over 50,000 boxes. Many of our Scan To Zero customers will find additional budget dollars during the program, which they can then apply to speeding up the scanning process.

I have 500 boxes in Iron Mountain, so I’m intrigued by this idea, but my concern is that I know for a fact that a small group of my boxes legally cannot be destroyed.

We see this a lot, and it’s not a problem. We will help you look at all factors and decide whether it makes sense to scan those boxes. If there is no compelling reason to scan, we will simply store them but at a far less expensive cost metric than you are experiencing now.