So you say you want a “paperless” office? Use our scan to zero solution!

by | Jun 5, 2017

Nothing—the absence of something—is a difficult concept to hold in your mind.

Math and numbers were invented by the Sumerians to track commerce and trade as early as 4000 BC. The idea of numbers and simple arithmetic spread rapidly in the region through trade until Egypt applied the understanding of numbers to measurement in 3000 BC and began to build all those amazing structures we marvel at still today. However, the concept of zero—the value of nothing—didn’t happen until 500 AD in India and it revolutionized the world.

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Getting to zero is clearly difficult. Going from something to nothing is hard to describe, hard to notate, and even harder to grasp.

Take a quick look at your monthly offsite document storage costs. Scary right? If it is from IOS, you can figure out your costs in a nanosecond, for other box storage companies this will take a while.Let’s also say you want to reduce that amount to zero. You like zero. Zero has value. How do you get there? It is easy to talk about going paperless, it’s quite another to achieve it. This is where IOS’ “scan to zero” solution can help.

  1. Figure out your monthly document storage costs
  2. Call IOS and ask for a “scan to zero” quote.
  3. IOS uses your current document storage expenses to set a budget for scanning these records.
  4. During the document scanning process, IOS stores your records for free.
  5. IOS even credits any fees you might incur from the storage group over the conversion.
  6. With IOS document scanning and storage, you’ll be on your way to a paperless office in no time.

Once India realized there was value in zero, everything changed. The same is true for you today. Zero can be very valuable.