Data management ideas that inspire

by | May 19, 2017

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The Speech

If you’ve been to any formal occasion, chances are you’ve sat through an uplifting speech. They all pretty much follow the same script. If ever asked to present, the IOS commencement speech would probably start with a provocative and inspiring quote:

“It’s the idea that matters.”

After a modest wait for the applause to die down, we would continue with a couple of humorous stories, then move into inspiring lessons for life.

“As you move on from here, remember three things:

  1. Work to be great at something. The world likes experts, a lot.
  2. There will always be a place for people who are curious and inventive. What you think about and how you think about it might change the way someone else thinks, lives, and works.
  3. Flexibility of thought shapes the future.

Technology converging with opportunity gives energy to ideas. That’s where we get real transformation. Conversely, rigidity begets indifference and stagnation.”

(We’re pretty sure it’s a rule that a conversely statement must be in every speech.)

Data solutions passionately implemented

We are passionate about ideas. Everything we do is based on the very simple philosophy that it’s the idea that matters. If you have a document management need, we’ll find a solution.

What enables us to do that is the experience and expertise of our people. We are creative and agile, and have a passion for helping people with information management.

Like the speech, the IOS message is equal parts hopeful, observable, and measurable. Whether you are new in your position of a leader, our message and experience are applicable for you. Let us help you focus on what’s next.