Technology + Human Ideation: The Perfect Combo for an Exciting Future

by | Nov 15, 2019

Technology at your fingertips. Collaborative work environment. Totally-immersive approach to problem solving.

Oh, you thought I was describing your company/division/department?  Or maybe you wish I was.

Actually, this is how my daughter’s 1st-grade class operates in 2019. Each student gets an iPad. They work in groups. The education strategy focuses on project-based learning. Makes sense, right? Getting them ready for the future of project-driven work systems as best we can. 

Nope, elementary school today doesn’t look anything like it did back in my day. I might as well be from Pluto. I’m the product of chalkboards, desks in straight lines, lots of memorization and ruler-wielding nuns (sorry Sister Felicity, I really am). Things have changed so dramatically. Pluto isn’t even a planet anymore.  But I digress.

It’s Exciting to Imagine What the Future Might Bring!

Just like with our generation, there will probably be all new developments in technology and culture with which our children will have to contend. Who knows what their equivalent to cloud-based data infrastructure, globally distributed team-based work environments, artificial intelligence, or social media will be. (It will sure be interesting to watch from my rocking chair.)

Your business won’t stay the same either. If you’ve been at the same company or in the same line of work for a long time, almost everything you knew when you started has changed. When I started in public accounting over 20 years ago, Price Waterhouse made sure I had an adding machine, plenty of mechanical pencils and a life-time supply of 24-column paper. Those were the good old days, and we can only expect the pace of change to quicken in the coming years.

What prompts these kinds of changes?

Asking questions. Coming up with ideas on how to answer them. It all starts very simple. Add some technological enablement, and before you know it, a single idea has drastically changed the world overnight.

Ideas change everything…and a healthy willingness to accept and roll with the changes—not fear or fight them—creates opportunities.

Everything We Do Is Based on a Very Simple Philosophy: It’s the Idea That Matters

We see our role as an “outfitter” of the technology tools your organization needs to bring your great ideas to life.

Cloud-based data infrastructure and services, AI-driven data management, digital document conversion, and business process improvement. All of these solution sets can have major impacts on the effectiveness, continuity, and sustainability of your business. And you better believe your competition—no matter your industry—is hard at work trying to use these tools to create competitive advantages for themselves.

For nearly 50 years, we’ve witnessed how technological innovation and human ideation can combine to fundamentally change how we conduct business and live our lives. And what we see today is that human ideation and technology are becoming more intertwined than ever before, with increasingly less separation between man and machine. Who knows where this future will lead…

No, Imaging Office Systems can’t make you young again, but our time-honed perspective on how technology intersects with business and the thoughtful approach we employ in helping our customers invigorate their business with carefully chosen technology will make you feel like a wide-eyed kid with renewed optimism and excitement about the future.

Just like my first-grader.