Case Study: Pendleton Heights High School

Digitized & Indexed Into a Cloud-Based Database: Entire Vault of Graduate and Withdrawal Records from 1969-Present

Pendleton Heights High School serves over 1,400 students in the South Madison Community School Corporation, which educates a total of over 4,600 students in a district encompassing Adams, Green, and Fall Creek townships of Madison County, Indiana. It includes the towns of Markleville, Ingalls, and historic Pendleton.

The Challenge

Pendleton Heights High School had been storing all its student graduate and withdrawal records—dating back to when the school opened in 1969—as paper files in an onsite vault. In order to respond to requests for student information by colleges and employers, school officials were manually searching and pulling these records almost daily. With nearly 4,400 graduate records (representing about 132,000 pages) and 1,400 withdrawal records (about 42,000 pages), this proved to be a very inefficient, time-consuming workload.

“We were running out of storage space. We had been storing every graduate record, from when the school opened in 1969, in an onsite vault, and it was getting full,” said Teresa Frakes, counseling secretary of Pendleton Heights High School. “Also, every time we had a class graduate, I had to manually incorporate all those new graduate files alphabetically into the massive collection of more than 4,000 graduates…which was very cumbersome and time-consuming.”

Teresa and her fellow school officials asked Imaging Office Systems to digitize and index their graduate and withdrawal records and load them into a cloud-based database that would be instantly accessible from anywhere by anyone with access credentials.


  • Scan and convert approximately 175,000 pages information into cloud-based Filebound database
  • Index data to be searchable by name and date-of-birth
  • Maintain 100% access to paper records during the scanning process

How Pendleton Heights H.S. Benefitted From Digitization and Indexing of Student Records

“Now, I don’t have to run into the office to fulfill records requests over the summer. It’s very useful. I can just do everything from home.”

“Filebound software is very user-friendly.”

“They would alert me on what files had been scanned, then I’d look through them and give them the final approval to go ahead and discard the paper record. It all went very smoothly. If I ever had a question, someone was just a phone call away.”

Teresa Frakes
Counseling Secretary, Pendleton Heights High School

The Solution

During the scanning and digital conversion process, it’s important to note that Pendleton Heights High School never lost access to any of their records. If a paper file was needed, Imaging Office Systems would pull the record immediately from storage, scan it, and deliver it digitally over secure email.

“Rosemary from Anderson High School (IN) gave me the contact for Derek Thomas from Imaging Office Systems…and he was wonderful, very polite. He answered all my questions and brought in some estimates and information. The school board wanted to get estimates from a couple other companies, but in the end, we did go with Derek, Imaging Office Systems, and Filebound because I felt they were more experienced, and the solution and presentation overall made us more comfortable with the entire process.”

Two new Filebound databases for graduates and withdrawals went live in May 2016. Imaging Office Systems continues to provide follow-up digitization and indexing for new student records as they are generated by graduating and departing students every 18 months.

Key Filebound Features:

  • Delivers reports on legal holds, record destruction, record declaration and disposition approval as well as standard FileBound reports that track actions involving records
  • Presents system-wide information about content, users, projects and activities in a convenient dashboard view
  • Leverages FileBound’s robust workflow capabilities to declare records and send notificationsof record destructionOffers the flexibility to meet specific organizational needs and procedures by allowing organizations to choose whether processes like record declaration and final disposition should be manual or automated and whether to use standard or user-defined classification rules

The Bottom Line

By replacing a vault full of nearly 175,000 pieces of paper with a cloud-based Filebound database, Pendleton Heights High School staff can now respond to all daily records requests in just a few minutes compared to hours with the old system.

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