Case Study: Legend Valve

New Paperless Order Processing and Customer Support Enables Legend Valve to Deliver on Service Guarantees

Legend Valve is a manufacturer and distributor of plumbing products to wholesalers across the United States. The company sells over 10,000 SKUs across 80-plus product classes designed for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. 

The Challenge

Legend Valve does business in a very competitive space, so it has refined its business model to differentiate itself from competitors by offering a higher level of service that includes guarantees around having products in stock, 24-hour order processing, 100-percent order accuracy, and various other quality-related guarantees—all of which are reinforced with cash back to the customer if they fail to deliver.

However, since the plumbing industry is still very paper-based in how suppliers receive orders from customers, Legend Valve has to handle a wide range of order formats—and that can present a challenge when it comes to ensuring order accuracy. Legend Valve came to us with the desire to shore up this weak spot in its order processing system.

Legend Valve had an existing digital document management system, but because it wasn’t designed around their business processes, they had to print out and scan the orders…and then reprint and rescan them, as updates were made at each step in order fulfillment. This resulted in a large pack of paper, which would then finally be scanned into the document management system at the end.

“Our goal was to keep the electronic orders electronic and use software to interrogate and route, so orders didn’t have to be printed and scanned and reprinted and rescanned,” said Larry Emmert, vice president of operations for Legend Valve.

Emmert also wanted to provide one-call customer service resolution by enabling anyone who took a customer call to bring up their account and provide any and all requested information, without the need to do additional research and get back to the customer with a return call.

In addition, Emmert hoped to integrate this new order processing system with their existing Oracle enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, which would allow the company to function even more efficiently on all fronts.

Project Requirements:

  • Migrate to a paperless system for order processing
  • Allow anyone in the company to provide one-call customer service
  • Integrate order processing with existing Oracle ERP system

    How Legend Valve Benefitted from Working with Imaging Office Systems

    “The way that orders come in, there was a lot of opportunity for errors to be made. So, being able to have those documents in an electronic format—integrated into our processes and able to be double-checked digitally against the original order that came in—has been huge.”

    “Overall, our partnership has been very strong. We’re very picky about choosing partners. We always want to work with companies that have integrity, and we want to make sure we’re working with people who’ll be there for the long haul, and Imaging Office Systems has definitely delivered on those fronts. We’ve never been nickeled and dimed—it’s just a bunch of honest people that just want to get that job done, and that means a lot.”

    Larry Emmert
    Vice President of Operations, Legend Valve Company

    The Solution

    Using software solutions from Hyland OnBase and PSIGEN, Imaging Office Systems designed and built precisely the type of system that Legend Valve needed to streamline their order processing, allow for one-call customer resolution, and integrate order processing with their ERP system.

    It made an immediate impact.

    “Implementing a workflow that allowed us to see where orders were at in real time and every step in the process gave us the additional capability to measure around those processes and integrate additional automation solutions on our back end to tie it all together and help us become even more efficient,” added Emmert. “The work that Imaging Office Systems did was truly transformational for our customer experience and how we do our job overall. The system has been running smoothly ever since.”

    The Bottom Line

    By replacing the old paper-based order processing and an outdated document management system with paperless order processing and a vastly superior digital document management system, Legend Valve was able to greatly reduce errors in order processing, improve its overall customer experience, and become a much more efficient business all around.

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