Barry Carr

Barry Carr


National Sales Manager

Started: 2005
Wichita, KS
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Title: National Sales Manager

Imaging Office Systems location: Wichita KS Office

Explain your job in two sentences: I manage our internal and external sales effort by fostering vendor relations, managing our CRM capabilities, and plotting a strategic journey forward for Imaging Office Systems methods, mechanisms, and message.

College (Year graduated): McPherson College 1992

Certifications: MCSS, CCSE, CDIA +, B.S. in Computer Science

Years at Imaging Office Systems: 15 years

Most intriguing Imaging Office Systems moment/client/system: I am always amazed on how the customer solution is different for every project.  Even when we are implementing similar products for a similar end, the solution is always different, even if a little bit.  There is never boredom.

Hobbies: Golf, Basketball, watching my son play football and basketball, volunteering.

Family (partner/children/animals): Wife Shannon, Daughter Madisen, Son Soren.

Favorite Food: Anything Italian, Good Burger, and a killer Pizza

Favorite Vacation Spot: Colorado 

What would you do with $1 million: Invest it in our roaring stock market currently.