The Paperless Office and Distributed Team: We Know the Way!

by | Jul 9, 2020

So far in 2020, we’ve all learned that having a flexible, paperless way to manage business information and processes is incredibly important to maintaining business continuity through unpredictable disruptions.

But how do you achieve a state like that? What’s the process for getting there? What technological tools do you need to make it happen? What software and business services will you need to support these big changes? What are the benefits of making the change?

The Path to Replacing Your Old-School Office

Instead of office doors, cubicles, file cabinets, conference rooms, communal candy dishes, water coolers, break areas, and office bathrooms…we’ve now all discovered that spare bedroom offices, cloud servers, paperless documents, and our own candy dishes, refrigerators, and bed (for a real after-lunch power nap) may actually suffice quite nicely as a suitable environment for knowledge work.

Right now, most knowledge work-driven companies across the country are having this conversation. How will you position your business process infrastructure for the future? No offices and fully remote? Downsized offices and mostly remote? Or no change at all?

Here at Imaging Office Systems, we have over 50 years of experience helping companies figure out how to manage their business information. Although the technologies have changed dramatically, we’re better than ever at analyzing how you work and matching you with the right ideas, tools, and solutions to do what you want to do.

Imaging Office Systems is proud to offer a wide range of remote work and private cloud implementations that can be customized to provide the information management solution you need to maintain business operations under any business environment.

From the most basic office functions to the most complex…no matter where your people are located…or how long you’ll be apart and no matter what has to be done—we take the time to understand the intricacies of how you work, so we can precisely define and build the cloud-based information management systems you really need.

We also offer enterprise scanning services and secure, climate-controlled box storage. As part of the path forward, many of our customers choose a service we call “Scan to Zero.” With Scan to Zero, we store all of your paper files and, over time, scan them all into a cloud-based database, which makes the data usable and adds value to your organization. Should you require any files from storage, we also provide on-demand retrieval and digital delivery of those files in a matter of hours.

Anyway, this summer we’re offering a special deal on our virtual private work cloud solution that will give you a chance to see how it works and how, with the right tools and solutions, you’ll be able to confidently downsize or eliminate your offices. Here’s the deal…

30-Day FREE TRIAL, Virtual Private Work Cloud

• 5 users
• 500 Documents
• Digital Capture Demo: Extraction of 1 field of meta data information extracted from each document for retrieval or named PDF – upload to Imaging Office Systems Cloud
*Must subscribe to minimum six months service.

90-Day FREE TRIAL, Secure Box Storage

• Up to 100 Boxes
• FREE pickup – storage at our secure RMS warehouse
*Must subscribe to minimum twelve months service.
*Extraction Fees apply.
*Retrieval Fees apply.

Whatever your needs, Imaging Office Systems can help you figure out how to set your company up for remote work success with cloud-based services and technologies that enable your company to work better together from anywhere!

Get in touch with us today to start the conversation!