What’s It Like to Work with Imaging Office Systems? Here’s What Our Customers Say…

by | Jul 17, 2020

There’s a lot to be said about the idea of not caring what other people think of you—that can be a liberating stance to take in one’s life. However, if those people are your customers, you probably should care! After all, they are relying on you to make good on what you promise. The success of their business may depend on it. They deserve your best effort.  

And delivering our best effort is what we’ve done with the people quoted here in this week’s blog. Each one got what they needed. Not because they asked for it by name—most wouldn’t have even known what to ask for—but because we listened first. A big part of our job has always been figuring out what our customers need through a comprehensive discovery process. We look at what you’re trying to accomplish with your current information management practices and business processesand then use technology to re-engineer those practices and processes to make them work better for you. 

Every customer and project presents their own unique set of challenges and obstacles, but since Imaging Office Systems has been doing this for nearly 50 years…we know how to push through to the ultimate goal. The process may not always be predictable—success often means pivoting and reacting to the realities on the ground—but you can count on us to deliver the end result you were hoping for every time…as these folks can attest! 

Working With Us—In the Words of Our Customers

“Imaging Office Systems has helped our county to become a better public servant. By making our employees more productive and reducing response times for inquiries, we have been able to strengthen our service to our citizens.” 

Ed Steenman 
Director of Technology, Allen County (Ind.) 

“I saw how the other vendor’s system worked and quickly realized how much I liked the system IOS offered. They are able to modify the system as needed quickly and efficiently. We will be rolling their program out to four more branches later this year and have plans to create a similar system for our loans department.” 

David J. Prows 
Network Administrator, Beacon Credit Union 

“We picked Imaging Office Systems for this project because they immediately impressed us with their capacity, controls and ease of use. Now that we’ve worked with Imaging Office Systems, we are blown away by their service. They have given us tremendous service along with a system that has brought a return on investment in less than 18 months.” 

Nancy Liggett 
Accounts Payable Manager, CarDon & Associates 

“As a small but growing company with a limited IT staff, we needed a solution that would allow us to adopt a phased approach to document management that would enable us to scale the system and easily add new workflows over time – and that’s exactly what Imaging Office Systems has given us. 

Keith Eck 
Information Technology Manager, CE Machine 

“I had an idea and Imaging Office Systems had the experience and staff to run with it. They took my brainstormed design flow and created a system that brought it to life. Throughout this innovative and new project they clearly communicated with me, were very responsive and went above and beyond my expectations.” 

Rene Todd, Supervisor 
Transportation Finance, Crate & Barrel 

“We are more than just a number to Imaging Office Systems. They took time from the very beginning to truly understand our system and consider all the implications of our process. They met all their deadlines and even now that the system is in place, they are still involved and genuinely want to help us make this a success. Imaging Office Systems doesn’t just have the right product, they have the people that make that product work.” 

Collin Boggs 
Internal Sales Manager, Da-Lite Screen Company 

“The knowledge that Imaging Office Systems brought to the table...I didn’t have to worry about the technology side of it at all. All I had to do was tell them what I wanted to do, and they figured out how to make it happen. And that’s all I really care about—I don’t need to know how it works, I just want it to work. And that’s what has happened. We’ve had no problems.”  

Jeff Hersh 
Asst. Superintendent of Human Resources and Student Services, Goddard Public Schools, USD 265 

“Imaging Office Systems could handle our volume and customize a solution that also met the unusual aspects of our problem. The Imaging Office Systems team took the time up front to really learn our procedures and ways of doing business – the efficiency impact was almost immediate.” 

Dawn Snyder 
Cash Applications Supervisor, OmniSource